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Uncorking the best and most affordable wine regions in the U.S.

2023 Wine Lovers Index

Where are the best wine regions in the U.S.? Whether you prefer red or white, sweet or dry, or perhaps something bubbly—HomeToGo has searched across the country to find the best destinations for wine lovers just like you.

Featuring twenty five of the country's top AVA wine regions* from fifteen different states, the ranking explores the affordability of wine tours, tastings, and accommodations, providing all the info you need to plan your next grape escape! So prepare your pallets and get ready to stomp into the top wine destinations for eno-minded travelers.

*American Viticultural Area (AVA) is a designated wine grape-growing region in the United States

Simply Di-vine Facts 🍇

Biggest Wine Drinkers in the U.S.

California is the largest wine-consuming state in the country. Californians consume over 156 million gallons of wine per year, twice as much as the next largest state Florida.*

Most Expensive Bottle of Vino

In 2018, a bottle of 1945 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti sold at Sotheby's auction for $558,000. The previous record was held by a 1992 Screaming Eagle Cabernet, produced in the U.S. and sold for $500,000.*

Largest Wine Producing State

California produces the most wine in the U.S., producing a whopping 600 million gallons of wine in 2019. If California was a country, it would be the fourth largest wine producer in the world, behind France, Italy, and Spain*

Most Affordable Wine Regions in the U.S.

Wine Region (AVA)
Tasting Tour
Bottle of Wine
Shawnee Hills
Lehigh Valley
Middleburg Virginia
Isle St. George
Wisconsin Ledge
Hudson River Region
New York
Southern Oregon
Haw River Valley
North Carolina
Tualatin Hills
Puget Sound
Cape May Peninsula
New Jersey
Chehalem Mountains
Finger Lakes
New York
Verde Valley

Note: Accommodation prices are per person. More information on how each category was researched can be found in the methodology below.

A Closer Look at the Top Destinations for Wine Lovers

1. Shawnee Hills, Illinois

As the first AVA in Illinois, the Shawnee Hills region encompasses nearly 20 wineries and 55 vineyards. Located along the Ohio River, the region’s loose soil, warm climate, and high terrain factor into the taste of the wines produced here. Visitors can wander along the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, a 35-mile scenic drive in the Shawnee National Forest that features 11 award-winning wineries. After a cozy conversation in tasting rooms, travelers are welcome to embrace the local natural beauty and enjoy picturesque picnics on the hillside.

Neon sign in Portland

2. Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Located in eastern Pennsylvania, less than an hour from the Poconos, the Lehigh Valley wine region has over 30 wineries across 230 acres of land. The area grows signature grape varietals such as Chambourcin, Riesling, Chardonnay, Vidal Blanc, and Cayuga White. Travelers are encouraged to explore the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail, which boasts five award-winning, family-owned vineyards for the ultimate vino-filled experience, as well as visit the local small towns along the charming countryside that are filled with the flavors of the region.

Vinyard in Virginia
Credit: Boxwood Estate Vineyards

3. Middleburg, Virginia

The Middleburg AVA, nestled only 50 miles outside of the nation’s capital, is one of Virginia’s fastest growing appellations. Home to more than 30 wineries and vineyards in the area, travelers can explore the mountainous terrain and wooded countryside while sipping on full-bodied blends. Perfect for red wine lovers, this wine region is known to produce grapes for wine varietals including Norton, Viognier, Cabernet Franc and Bordeaux-style blends.

4. Isle St. George, Ohio

As one of the first regions in the country to be officially recognized as an AVA, the Isle St. George region is situated on the small island of North Bass and is sometimes referred to as “covered in grapevines” due to its high concentration of wineries. The climate, which is influenced by the warm waters of Lake Erie, allows for the production of grape varietals such as Riesling, Chardonnay, Delaware and Catawba. The AVA includes the oldest winery in Ohio, Heineman’s Winery, which has been producing wine for five generations!

Monticello Vineyard, Credit: Kate Webster

5. Monticello, Virginia

Located in the central region of Piedmont, Virginia, the Monticello AVA grows 30 varieties of grapes and has nearly 250 years of experience producing wine, starting with the American Revolutionary War. This rich history of winemaking is reflected in the Monticello Wine Trail, a 25-mile adventure through 40 award-winning wineries. Visitors can track their wine trail stops in an app on their mobile devices and, upon visiting 10 wineries, receive a special surprise.


We gathered information about the established American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) in the United States using information from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. We then created a shortlist of the top 25 most popular AVAs based on the number of traveler searches on HomeToGo.com. Each AVA was then assessed based on the average price of a top rated bottle of wine from the region, the average price of a 1-2 hour tasting, and the median nightly price of an accommodation.

Tasting Tour Price: The average price per person for a 1-2 hour tasting where participants are able to try between 3-6 different wines. Prices gathered in January, 2023.

Bottle of Wine Price: The average price of a 750ml bottle of wine with a critics score between 80-90 on wine-searcher.com. Prices gathered in January, 2023.

Accommodation Price: We used internal HomeToGo data to find the median price per night per person for a vacation rental within each wine region. Data was collected in January 2023, prices are subject to change.

Wine Fact Footnotes

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