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Plan a Relaxing Vacation in Lost River State Park

This state park is a nature lovers haven. You will be surrounded by natural woods and beautiful mountain vistas. The park is famous for its lookout point at Cranny Crow. There are plenty of activities available in the surrounding area and you might want to plan a stay in Lost River State Park cabins to enjoy them all.

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Best Hikes in Lost River State Park

There are a total of 20 hiking trails in Lost River State Park making this a hikers' paradise. The trails vary from short, easy strolls to strenuous hikes up mountains and along ridges. You are sure to find a hike to suit your level of fitness and time requirements. If you would like to try those available, you may want to stay a few nights in one of the Lost River State Park hotels.

  • 1. Cranny Crow

    This is the most famous and popular hike in this park. The hike is just over 11-miles long and takes around 5.5 hours to complete. You will need to be fairly fit to hike this trail as the track is very steep and sections are slippery.

  • 2. Millers Rock

    If you just want to get to Cranny Crow to view the panoramic outlook over five counties but don't want to try an 11-mile hike then this is the trail for you. The trail is 3.5-miles in length and very steep but the normal completion time is around 3 hours.

  • 3. Howard Lick Trail

    This trail is perfect for those wanting a level hike. At just over a one-mile, most people should be able to walk this scenic trail that takes you through beautiful natural woodlands. The trail is rated as easy.

Best Family Activities in Lost River Park

There are a number of activities available in the park and surrounding areas for the whole family to enjoy. The park is a popular weekend retreat for families living in Washington DC wanting a break from city life. Spend a few days in well-equipped Lost River State Park cabins taking in all there is to see.

  • 1. Haunted Cabins

    Those that enjoy ghost stories will love a guided tour of the Lee family cabin. A famous murder took place in the cabin and the ghost of the victim is said to still haunt the building.

  • 2. Horseback riding

    There are a number of horse trails in the park. Guests are welcome to bring their own horses or you can hire one from the stables.

  • 3. Ranger Program

    In the summer months you can take part in guided hikes, campfire stories, and educational programs for kids and adults.

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