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Hotels in Washington, D.C.


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Price per night
Up to $100
$100 - $199
From $200
Distance to center
Max. 1 km
Max. 2 km
Max. 5 km
Outstanding: 4.5+
Very Good: 4+
Good: 3.5+

Hotels in Washington, D.C.: Top Offers

Hotel Washington
$351 per night
Hotel ∙ 2 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Hotel in Connecticut Ave/ K Street, Near White House
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hotels in Washington, D.C.: What is the vacation rental cost in Washington D.C.?

On average, you can get an incredible rental from $227 and get discounts up to 10%!

Can I find a vacation home for a group for Hotels in Washington, D.C.?

in Washington D.C., medium-sized groups and families should consider Hotel rooms since they usually fit 5 people.

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