Pocahontas State Park Cabins

Pocahontas State Park

Plan Your Next Vacation in Pocahontas State Park

Pocahontas State Park, located in Chesterfield, Virginia, is surrounded by thick forest on all sides and is home to Swift Creek Lake and Beaver Lake. Covering over 8,000 acres, the park is ideal for a summer vacation, and events are held within the Heritage Amphitheaterthroughout the year. Pocahontas State Park cabins provide the chance to enjoy everything this beautiful park has to offer.

Best Hiking Trails in Pocahontas State Park

Hiking, biking, and horse riding are very popular in Pocahontas State Park, and there are many trails available that allow you to enjoy all three. Perfect for exploring the park from Pocahontas State Park cabins, each trail has its own special points of interest, fantastic views, and exciting activities to keep you engaged – just remember to pack your best hiking boots before you set off!

Best Family Activities in Pocahontas State Park

Families visiting Pocahontas State Park are welcome throughout the year, and there is a range of events, educational programs, and activities suitable for visitors of all ages. Pocahontas State Park hotels will provide excellent access to these facilities and events, ensuring your vacation is one to remember. What's more, many of these activities are free for children, or even the whole family, to enjoy.

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