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Natural Tunnel State Park Cabins

Natural Tunnel State Park

Natural Tunnel State Park is the Ideal Vacation Destination

Natural Tunnel State Park cabins locate you at one of Virginia's most unique state parks. The vast natural cave is so extensive that it is used as a train tunnel. Passing beneath the Appalachian Mountains, the two hundred foot tunnel is surrounded by a hundred acres of parkland. Natural Tunnel State Park Hotels position visitors within easy reach of this natural wonder.
Best Hiking Trails in Natural Tunnel State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Natural Tunnel State Park

This natural tunnel has attracted visitors for over a century. The tunnel is as tall as a ten story building and has been carved from the limestone by a river over the course of thousands of years. In its walls the fossilized evidence of ancient life forms can be seen. Here are the local trails to follow:

  • 1. Lover's Leap Trail

    Leading to the cave, the scenery on this trail is especially charming. Verdant woodland glows in the sunlight. As you pass through groves on your way to the main attraction, look out for wild flowers and note the presence of butterflies and seasonal birdlife. At the entrance to the tunnel, you can still see marks made by Confederate soldiers.

  • 2. Tunnel Hill Trail

    This well maintained trail is one of the most thrilling in the park. The experience of remaining inside the echoing chamber as a train whizzes through is dizzying and almost surreal. It's one of the most unique hikes you are ever likely to complete.

  • 3. Carter Log Cabin Trail

    Bring your family to this sun dappled trail, which culminates at a historic log cabin. Following a burbling creek for much of the route, there are plenty of stopping off points where you can wade into the water to cool off and appreciate the serenity of the park.

Best Family Activities in Natural Tunnel State Park

Best Family Activities in Natural Tunnel State Park

Your whole family will be thrilled by this vast natural cave and the spectacular scenery that surrounds it. You will find plenty of family-friendly facilities near Natural Tunnel State Park cabins, such as an amphitheater, pioneer village and swimming pool.

  • 1. Canoe Tours

    Take a canoe trip on the Clinch River and visit the nearby Cove Ridge Center to learn more about local wildlife. Interactive exhibits compel the attention of little ones.

  • 2. Swimming

    Splash about in the park's stunning swimming pool. The hundred foot high slide thrills young and old alike and there are plenty of sun loungers to stretch out on.

  • 3. Wilderness Road Historic Area

    Visit this fascinating cultural attraction to learn more about the intriguing human history of the park. Children are excited to dress up in period costume and explore the replica blockhouse that recreates pioneer times.

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