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Kings Dominion

Visit Kings Dominion for a Legendary Adventure

Kings Dominion offers endless fun with your friends or family, whether you prefer the big thrills of rollercoasters or the little thrills of Planet Snoopy. Maximize the good times by booking a cabin rental near Kings Dominion so that you don't have to leave the park early to hurry back home. Instead, relax after your adventure at a cozy and plush cabin.

Our Recommendations

Swing back and forth on this giant Viking ship for an exciting sea adventure in the air.
This pendulum ride will make you experience some gravity-defying hang time as it rotates and swings to a height of 115 feet and at a 120-degree angle.
The Crypt
One of the most thrilling non-rollercoaster rides in Kings Dominion, The Crypt will toss you in the air and dangle you headfirst over a pit of water and flames amid the thundering sounds of tribal drums and spectacular special effects.

Recommended Accommodations Near Kings Dominion

House ∙ 8 guests ∙ 4 bedrooms
Doswell, Beaverdam, Virginia, United States
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Resort ∙ 4 guests
Doswell, Beaverdam, Virginia, United States
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Motel ∙ 4 guests
Doswell, Beaverdam, Virginia, United States
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Useful Information

Leave the Drone at Home
All unmanned aerial systems or drones are prohibited inside the park and any unauthorized drone seen will be reported to local law enforcement.
What If It Rains During My Visit?
Most attractions and rides remain open during rain. You will not get refunds or rainchecks once you’ve entered the park.
Pet Policy
Only service animals are allowed inside the park. If you have brought a pet, you can leave it at the Kings Dominion Pet Care Center near the front gate, for a fee.
Child Care
The Planet Snoopy Family Care Center is the place to cool off with your kids after a hot and long day. Parents can feed their kids here and use the microwave to warm up a milk bottle.

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