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Hungry Mother State Park
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Hungry Mother State Park Features a Large Lake and Miles of Sublime Woodland

Located in the state of Virginia, Hungry Mother State Park is surrounded by mountains and features a 108-acre lake. This makes the park a haven of serenity in the state, far from any bustling towns and opening up the possibility of a true escape to nature for families who choose Hungry Mother State Park cabins.

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Best Family Activities in Hungry Mother State Park

Hungry Mother State Park hotels give you the choice between a big variety of trails in this massive park. Take the kids on a pleasant walk through the area's most beautiful woodlands, or set out on a challenging multi-mile hike.

  • 1. Clyburn Hollow Trail

    One of the gentler paths in the park, this trail is just half a mile long and can be completed fairly quickly. Starting at Clyburn Ridge Loop Trail, you will make your way towards a creek through the forest.

  • 2. Ridge Trail

    Although very short at just 0.2 miles, the track here is steep and rises up to an elevation of almost 2,500 feet offering magnificent views of the surrounding area.

  • 3. Old Shawnee Trail

    This multi-use trail is a mile long and leads to the more challenging Raider's Run Trail for those who want a longer hike.

  • 4. Clyburn Ridge Loop Trail

    Following this four mile route will offer experienced hikers some of the most impressive views in Hungry Mother State Park.

Best Family Activities in Hungry Mother State Park

There are a number of sporting activities to look forward to when you rent Hungry Mother State Park cabins. Bring your bathing suits and fishing reel to make the most of your time here.

  • 1. Swimming

    Between Memorial Day and Labor Day swimming under the supervision of lifeguards is a popular activity at Hungry Mother State Park. The snack shack is also open during this period.

  • 2. Fishing

    Large and smallmouth bass, rock bass and sunfish are just a few of the species found at Hungry Mother Lake. Many fish are restocked annually to keep supplies abundant. The fishing pier features universal access.

  • 3. Boating

    There are many types of boats you can hire to enjoy on the lake. These include paddleboats, kayaks, canoes and jon boats. You will see a different side of the park and have a lot of family fun steering your own boat around the lake.

  • 4. Hunting

    Small game hunting and deer hunting are possible in approximately 800 acres of the park, offering a lot of opportunity for keen hunters. As with fishing, once you have a Virginia licence you are all set and you can then get info from the park office about the best places to go.

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