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Plan Your Trip to Fascinating Fairy Stone State Park

Home of the mysterious so-called fairy stones, the naturally occurring staurolite mineral, Fairy Stone State Park is as interesting as it sounds. Rich with unique flora and fauna, beautiful scenery and variety of fun-filled activities make a visit to this nature reserve an unforgettable experience. A stay in Fairy Stone State Park cabins lets you easily explore the beauty of this unique destination.

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Best Hiking Trails in Fairy Stone State Park

With 4,741 acres of park to explore, Fairy Stone State Park is perfect for hikers, walkers, and mountain bikers. Along the way, you'll find an abundance of wildlife and a rich natural history. Fairy Stone State Park cabins make it easy to discover this charming nature reserve's many trails, which are suited to all ages and abilities.

  • 1. Fairy Stone Loop Trail

    This 4.3mi. loop will take you past waterfalls, through the forest and to the beach. A relatively small ascent means that the trail is suitable for most ages and abilities, although smaller children may tire before completing the full length of the trail.

  • 2. Iron Mine Trail

    Running just 0.9mi. past a number of abandoned iron mines, this trail of moderate difficulty takes in fantastic views of Fairy Stone Lake. Dogs can also be taken on this trail, as long as they are kept on a leash.

  • 3. Lake Shore Trail

    A two-mile trail ideal for the whole family, this option has an easy ascent that even smaller children can manage. Skirting part of the shoreline of Fairy Stone Lake, you will also have the opportunity to pass the dam.

Best Family Activities in Fairy Stone State Park

The best family activities in Fairy Stone State Park take advantage of its natural beauty. Fairy Stone State Park hotels will give you access to everything on offer, and some of the more popular activities will allow you to learn about the area as you explore.

  • 1. Boating

    Renting a boat and exploring the vast waters of Fairy Stone Lake is a great way to explore without the exertion of hiking for hours. Canoes and kayaks are available for hire, and smaller children can join when they are supervised by someone over the age of 16.

  • 2. Horseback riding

    The equestrian area of Fairy Stone State Park offers a number of excursions around the park on horseback. Suitable for a variety of ages and experience levels, horseback riding lets you discover the many trails and wooded areas from a different perspective.

  • 3. Swimming

    Fairy Stone Lake offers ample opportunities to enjoy a day in the water. Lifeguards are on duty during the swimming season and a bathhouse, concessions area, and water toys are also available.

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