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Norwich University: A secluded gem of Vermont

If you wish to experience the vibe of Northeastern, New England, then you should consider visiting Norwich University. Established in 1819 in Northfield, Vermont, the college is the oldest for-profit military college in the U.S. Students and civilians can find exciting outdoor and indoor activities and opportunities to explore the areas beyond the campus.

Useful information for your visit to Norwich University

Although there are no nearby cities, college students and visitors can dive into lots of fun activities to spruce up their stay in Vermont. Finding accommodation near Norwich University is easy, as there are plenty of dorms and hotels near the campus.

  • 1. Norwich Campus Tactical Club

    One of the most common recreational activities are the games provided by the Tactical Club on campus. Both guests and cadets compete in a game that tests their abilities and skills both physically and digitally. There are lots of board games including Frag, Axis and Allies to keep students and guests alert.

  • 2. Vermont State House

    Located in Montpelier, Vermont, the Vermont State is a gem for any buff with an affinity for historical architecture. Visitors and campus students have an opportunity of taking a tour within the 1857-built administrative center. The tour guides are friendly and knowledgeable about the history of the place and will patiently answer each guest’s query.

  • 3. Norwich Athletics

    Norwich University campus offers students a great opportunity to participate in their preferred sport. The university line of sports includes rugby, ice hockey, and swimming among others. Students participate in tournaments and scheduled training sessions.

  • 4. Good Measure Brewing Co

    Located just a few miles from the university campus, Good Measure Brewing Co. offers a great nightlife experience. Simple but well-laid out, students and visitors can enjoy finely crafted beer at affordable prices.

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