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Goblin Valley State Park Cabins

Goblin Valley State Park

Discover the Hoodoos of Goblin Valley State Park

Goblin Valley State Park is famous for its hoodoos, known to Utah locals as "goblins." These distinctive rock features are created through erosion over thousands of years, with harder rock protecting softer rock beneath from the elements, gradually forming towering spires. Goblin Valley State Park cabins are the ideal way to experience this otherworldly park and its unique inhabitants.
Best Hiking Trails in Goblin Valley State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Goblin Valley State Park

Goblin Valley State Park cabins give you the chance to see some of the tallest hoodoos in the world. Naturally, hiking trails in the park pass by some of the more notable examples. However, the magic of the desert, home to unique flora and fauna, is plenty of reason in and of itself to take a walk through this unusual landscape.

  • 1. The Goblin's Lair

    A 3.5mi. hike on the eastern boundary of the park that is rated as moderate for difficulty. As indicated in the name, this trail will take you through the Goblin's Lair, a giant, cavernous formation where sunlight pours through ceiling vents that rise 100ft.

  • 2. Carmel Canyon Trail

    This easy 1.3mi. walk is great for bringing along younger members of the family. You will get to see many goblins on this route, plus get an excellent view of Carmel Canyon.

  • 3. Three Sisters

    The Three Sisters walk is a hike that's less than a mile long, but you'll get to see the Three Sisters themselves, the park's most iconic hoodoos. The trail is accessible all year round and, if you want to avoid the desert's hottest days, winter is an excellent time to visit.

Best Family Activities in Goblin Valley State Park

Best Family Activities in Goblin Valley State Park

There's plenty to see when visiting Goblin Valley State Park, and people of all ages are encouraged to walk among the goblins. Family activities take advantage of the unique surroundings, and Goblin Valley State Park hotels provide access to a variety of different things to do.

  • 1. Visitor Center

    Learn about the history of the area and see examples of the local flora and fauna when you stop by the visitor center. This engaging center is great for a little extra education and background.

  • 2. Bouldering

    One much-appreciated aspect of the park is that kids can climb boulders and rocks without too much supervision. Free climbing and bouldering are popular for people of all ages, and there's enough space to let you do so at your own pace.

  • 3. Wildlife watching

    Desert wildlife is typically nocturnal, so plan for a few late nights in order to spot jackrabbits, kit foxes, or kangaroo rats. During the day, you are likely to see lizards and scorpions, as well as a few snakes.

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