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Capitol Reef National Park
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Find Fossils at Capitol Reef National Park

Sheer slices of red rock connect ground and sky near Capitol Reef National Park. Unique geological features fascinate visitors. Discover a 100-mile long monocline wrinkle and the unlikely domes, canyons, and natural bridges of the Waterpocket Fold. Flat, reeflike buttes capture about 270 million years of history, overlooking mountain ranges bluish in the distance. Hotels near Capitol Reef National Park situate you in one of the richest natural preserves on the North American continent.

Must-Do Hikes in Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park is hiking heaven. With 15-day hikes and an inordinate number of backcountry routes through dramatic landscapes, the hikes near Capitol Reef National Park Cabins are some of the best in the world. Here are the cream of the crop:

  • 1. Hickman Bridge

    The park's most tramped trail is easy enough for families, at just 2 miles long. The views of a 133-foot high natural bridge reward hikers at the end. Enjoyment abounds along the banks of the Fremont River, which the trail hugs much of the way there.

  • 2. Golden Throne

    Follow your eyes to the magnetic ostentatious monolith that dominates the park's horizon. A 4-mile round trip transports you nearly 1,000 feet into the air and offers stunning vistas of the Henry Mountains.

  • 3. Sulphur Creek Route

    Don't miss out on the secreted Sulphur Creek hike, which takes you a mile along the creek to a twinkling 5-foot waterfall.

  • 4. Rim Overlook Trail and Navajo Knobs Trail

    Boasting some of the best views of any hike in the park, the Rim Overlook Trail affords panoramic vistas of verdant orchards, as well as the unique Waterpocket Fold, which distinguishes the park's geology. The spiraling sandstone sculptures, known as the Navajo Knobs, await you at the summit of the hike. The 10-mile route gives constantly with stunning outlooks and challenges with a 2,000-foot elevation gain.

Great Places to Stay Near Capitol Reef National Park

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Best Outdoor Adventures in Capitol Reef National Park

Unique geological features make this world-famous park a worthy playground for adventure lovers, especially climbers. The park's 243,921 acres contain over 200 miles of trails, but there's much more to experience. Here are some of the outdoor enticements Capitol Reef National Park Cabins hold:

  • 1. Ranger Programs

    Grasp the full spectrum of the park's features with special guided tours and talks. Daily ranger demonstrations cover the park's enthralling geology, which stretches back to the planet's earliest seas, and the culture that evolved when Native Americans inhabited the park. Ranger-led hikes transport you to the park's most intriguing corners, engaging visitors in the region's rich natural resources.

  • 2. Stargazing

    After dark this designated gold tier International Dark Sky Park transforms into a theater of sparkling suns. Suns from beyond our galaxy shimmer over Capitol Reef National Park Cabins. Participate in ranger-led stargazing nights at the park's amphitheater.

  • 3. Horseback Riding

    Jump in the saddle and hack through the stunning monoliths of the park, or grab your mountain bike and head out onto the park's numerous closed roads and backcountry routes. Recommended equestrian routes include: The South Desert, Old Wagon Trail, and Halls Creek.

Top Lodging Near Capitol Reef National Park

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Best Family Activities in Capitol Reef National Park

Find fossils that offer insights into a history before mankind arrived on the planet. Bite into scrumptious peaches at historic orchards, and let the juice run down your chin. Or follow the river to stunning sights. Your perfect family vacation starts here:

  • 1. Fruita Rural Historic District

    Learn about the human inhabitation of the park, from Fremont culture in 500 CE to the colonization of the area by Mormon pioneers in the 1800s. Explore Utah's famous orchards, planted here over a century ago and now a defining characteristic of the region. And taste the fabulous fruits of the pioneers' labors. Apples, pears, and peaches are among the fruits that thrive in this sunny region. Children with juice-stained cheeks cavort about carefree in the sunlight, feasting on the yield near the Historic Fruita Schoolhouse.

  • 2. Fossil-Finding

    The monolithic Capitol Reef documents 200 million years of history. Some rocks are far older, dating to the Permian period, some to 270 million years ago. Layers of sedimentary rock show impressions of ancient Saharan-style deserts and oceans. The fossils preserved in the world-famous Jurassic Morrison Formation as well as the petrified forests enthrall children. Discover fossilized lizards in the Triassic Moenkopi Formation and strange stromatolites in Jurassic Navajo sandstone. Learn more at the Visitor Center.

  • 3. Fremont River Trail

    Follow the one-and-a-half-mile river trail from the park's amphitheater to explore the diverse riverside ecosystem. After scaling a ridge, panoramic views of the canyon open up before you. Children are awestruck by the immense power of the water, which seems to have manipulated the rock as though it were putty.

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