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Pedernales Falls State Park Cabins

Pedernales Falls State Park

Pedernales Falls State Park Offers Unique Scenery in this Gorgeous Part of Texas

Rent Pedernales Falls State Park cabins or hotels and look forward to seeing some of the best scenery Texas has to offer. Gently sloping falls and amazing geologic formations provide a perfect setting for outdoor family activities and have to be seen to be believed. Take on easy or more challenging hikes and introduce your family to the great outdoors.
Best Hiking Trails in Pedernales Falls State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Pedernales Falls State Park

Explore the creek bed, hop on your mountain bike, or witness the stunning Pedernales Falls themselves as you navigate the many different hiking trails in the park.

  • 1. Warfle's Trail

    This trail is just over a third of a mile across easy and level terrain, you can try to identify the animal tracks and photograph the creek.

  • 2. Twin Falls Nature Trail

    Half a mile long with some rugged terrain, this trail offers adventurers some of the most stunning natural landscapes in the park.

  • 3. 5.5-Mile Loop Trail

    This trail takes around three hours to complete and takes you to Trammell's Crossing at the river. Be sure to bring some waterproof shoes!

  • 4. Juniper Ridge Trail

    Just under nine miles and taking about six hours to finish, this challenging trail is nonetheless well shaded from the Texas sun. You can complete it faster on your bike if you prefer.

Best Family Activities in Pedernales Falls State Park

Best Family Activities in Pedernales Falls State Park

Between days spent hiking, photographing the surroundings and just making the most of this wonderful park, you can relax with some great local activities. Pedernales Falls State Park cabins offer a varied and exciting experience.

  • 1. Swimming

    The river is suitable for swimming and you will feel inspired by the beautiful surroundings as you pick your favorite spot to stop and paddle in. The warm Texas summers make taking a dip an attractive prospect, especially when you need to cool off from a hike.

  • 2. Boating

    The river is also ideal for tubing, kayaking and canoeing. You can start at Trammell's Crossing Trail or the swimming zone and will appreciate the park in a totally new light.

  • 3. Junior Ranger Program

    Introduce kids to the importance of respecting nature with this program that allows them to earn a badge for completing activities in the activity journal. Maybe you will inspire a future career in taking care of the nation's parks!

  • 4. Amphitheater

    Catch an open air show or make contact with the local rangers, who will be delighted to inform you and answer any questions on the local wildlife, plants and the best ideas for hikes and more activities for your group.

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