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Planning Your Vacation in Palmetto State Park

Named after the tropical palmetto, a small palm found within the reserve, Palmetto State Park provides vacationers with more than 270 acres of tropical Texas to explore. Featuring a four-acre oxbow lake, access to the San Marcos River, and a number of beautifully constructed stone buildings, you can discover everything the park has to offer from Palmetto State Park cabins.

Best Hiking Trails in Palmetto State Park

Visiting Palmetto State Park provides hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders with many trails of varying difficulty. This means you can easily choose a trail that is suitable for all ages and experience levels. Palmetto State Park cabins allow you easy access to the trails, where you can learn more about the local flora and fauna found within the park.

  • 1. Ottine Swamp Trail

    This easy, 1.2mi. route is ideal for both hikers and mountain bikers. Thick, tropical foliage and swamps characterize this trail, with a number of bridges that allow you to walk over the marshes.

  • 2. Oxbow Lake Trail

    A 1.2mi. trail that is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Here, you will find exceptional views of Oxbow Lake, plus an abundance of wild flowers and other local flora.

  • 3. River Trail Loop

    Following the course of the San Marcos River, this 1.4mi. trail is slightly more challenging but still manageable with children. Along the route, you will see mud boils, solid mud formations molded by the winter frost.

Best Family Activities in Palmetto State Park

Family vacations in Palmetto State Park mean tranquil walks through tropical forests, lazy days on the water, and engaging programs designed to teach you about the natural history of the area. Visiting Palmetto State Park ensures that, whatever your family's interests, you will find something to keep everybody happy. Discover everything the park has to offer from Palmetto State Park Hotels, and enjoy a vacation to remember.

  • 1. Boating and Tubing

    Both the lake and the river offer families the chance to jump in a boat and explore the park from the water. If you want something a little more exciting, tubing is a great way to spend an adrenaline-fuelled afternoon.

  • 2. Wildlife Watching

    Birding and wildlife watching are both very popular in the park, with a variety of nature trails and organized tours available. The park also offers a Junior Rangers program which will teach children about conservation and ecology.

  • 3. Swimming

    For keen swimmers, there are a variety of great swimming spots in the park. The river is slow moving and the lake is serene, however, there are no lifeguards on duty so caution is advised with smaller children.