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Lake Brownwood State Park
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Spend Time on the Water at Lake Brownwood State Park

Situated in central Texas, Lake Brownwood State Park was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the years after the Great Depression. Their legacy is a beautiful state park on the shore of the 7,000-acre Lake Brownwood; an ideal place to spend a few nights in Lake Brownwood State Park cabins and enjoy outdoor activities and watersports.

Best Hiking Trails in Lake Brownwood State Park

There are several miles of hiking trails throughout Lake Brownwood State Park, taking you along the lakeshore and into the forests and hills overlooking the water. Stay a few nights in one of the Lake Brownwood State Park hotels and see how many of the trails you can complete.

  • 1. Texas Oak Trail

    Just over a mile in length, look out for three different types of oak tree as you follow this trail around Lake Brownwood State Park.

  • 2. Opossum Trail

    This very short and very easy route is perfect for hikers of all abilities, and great for those hoping to spot some wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled for opossum, wild turkeys, and deer.

  • 3. Nopales Trail

    This is the longest trail in Lake Brownwood State Park at almost three miles, and it takes you through some fascinating patches of cacti. This particular route is also open to mountain bikers.

  • 4. Lakeside Trail

    Find out more about the history of the park and the workers of the Civilian Conservation Corps who built it when you follow this lakeside trail, which passes many of the facilities they built for future generations.

  • 5. Council Bluff Trail

    For a spectacular view across Lake Brownwood, take the short hike to the top of Council Bluff, where there is an excellent viewpoint.

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Best Family Activities in Lake Brownwood State Park

It will come as no surprise that watersports and water-based activities are among the most popular family activities in this state park. Enjoy a day exploring the area by foot and by boat, before returning to one of the Lake Brownwood State Park cabins for a good night's sleep.

  • 1. Boating

    Adventures on Lake Brownwood are permitted, even in the waters next to the state park. Bring your own boat if you have one, or you can rent from a local business. Canoeing and kayaking are more relaxing but equally popular ways to explore Lake Brownwood.

  • 2. Swimming

    Kids of all ages will jump at the chance to take a dip in Lake Brownwood – especially if you are visiting during the hot Texas summer. There are several beaches along the lakeshore for you to choose from.

  • 3. Junior Ranger Program

    Younger kids can complete the activities in the Texas State Park Junior Ranger activity leaflet, to learn more about the local wildlife – and earn a badge at the end of their visit.