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Eisenhower State Park Cabins

Eisenhower State Park

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Eisenhower State Park cabins are just an hour north of Dallas but a world away from the big city. With superb fishing on Lake Texoma, rare plants and birdlife and a warren of trails to explore, you and your family can go wild in a natural paradise when you stay in Eisenhower State Park hotels.

Best Hiking Trails in Eisenhower State Park base64Hash Best Hiking Trails in Eisenhower State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Eisenhower State Park

Whether you are wandering the lake shore and discovering the fossilized remains of an ancient sea, or ATVing on the park's designated trails, hiking in Eisenhower State Park is always an adventure.

  • Eisenhower State Park Trail

    Hike or bike the seven mile trail that borders the park's lake. You will discover coves covered with fossils and dotted with boulders. The trail is well marked and offers several scenic views of Lake Texoma. You can also enjoy lunch at the picnic tables positioned along the route. Dogs must be kept on a lead.

  • Armadillo Hill Trail

    Follow this scenic trail through forests to sand dunes and craggy coastline. There are plenty of lakeside vistas to appreciate along the way and a variety of wildlife and rare plants to spot too. Be sure to bring your camera phone, this hike supplies several picturesque vistas.

  • Lakeshore Trail

    Follow the lake shore Trail to explore the park's beaches and secluded coves. There are a number of lookouts along the way. The trail is also interspersed with restrooms and water refilling areas. Despite the exquisite scenery this trail is not overpopulated with hikers.

Best Family Activities in Eisenhower State Park base64Hash Best Family Activities in Eisenhower State Park

Best Family Activities in Eisenhower State Park

Children can get involved with the conservation efforts of the park through the interactive Junior Ranger Program. Through the park's suite of support materials, available at the Visitor Center, kids learn about the wildflowers, fossils and contemporary inhabitants of the park through games and special activities. There is so much to experience with your family when you stay in Eisenhower State Park cabins.

  • Swimming

    Kids go wild for the crystal clear water of the lake. Paddle about at the sandy swimming cove, or relax on the park's beaches. Alternatively, play horseshoes by the side of the water, or search the coves for fossils. The park's adventure playground is bliss for younger visitors.

  • Fishing

    Come on a family fishing trip and launch your boat on Lake Texoma. You will find the waters are hopping with catfish, crappie and striped bass. You can even grill your catch back on shore and make use of a convenient fish cleaning station.

  • Sailing

    Sail away on the sparkling water and leave all your cares on land. You can charter a pontoon boat, kayak or canoe from the Eisenhower Yacht Club. Children are thrilled by water sports in this picturesque park and gain skills they can enjoy for a lifetime.

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