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Colorado Bend State Park Cabins

Colorado Bend State Park

Discover Colorado Bend State Park on Your Next Vacation

This Texas Hill Country nature reserve on the Colorado River offers a diverse range of outdoor activities, from fishing and swimming to cave tours. You can enjoy both energizing hikes and lazy days on the river—this park has something for everyone. Tent camping is also popular within the park's borders, although nearby Colorado Bend State Park hotels provide a more comfortable alternative, and are a safer bet for swings in the weather.
Best Hiking Trails in Colorado Bend State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Colorado Bend State Park

The unspoiled landscapes of Colorado Bend State Park are ideal for hiking, and with more than 35 miles of hiking trails to explore, you can easily choose a route to suit you and your traveling companions. Colorado Bend State Park cabins offer an excellent opportunity for you to explore the park to its fullest—and a place to relax after a long day on your feet.

  • 1. Gorman Falls Trail

    The most popular trail in Colorado Bend State Park, this 2.6mi. route takes in Gorman Falls and offers hikers numerous places to stop and picnic along the way.

  • 2. Cedar Chopper Loop Trail

    This 1.9mi. trail allows hikers to see plenty of wildflowers and the chance to spot some of the native wildlife. Birding is particularly popular along the path, thanks to the deep forest surrounding it.

  • 3. Spicewood Springs Trail

    Spectacular views from the top of the canyon are only improved by the numerous waterfalls and pools that adorn this magical trail. You can also bring your swimming gear and take a plunge when the weather is good.

Best Family Activities in Colorado Bend State Park

Best Family Activities in Colorado Bend State Park

With over 5,300 acres of pristine wilderness, this Texas nature park has plenty to offer the whole family on your next vacation. From underground exploration to adrenaline-fueled fun on a mountain bike, whatever kind of family activities you seek, nearby Colorado Bend State Park cabins provide excellent access to the park's facilities, and much more.

  • 1. Caving

    Led by an experienced guide, you too can explore the subterranean world beneath Colorado Bend State Park. With more than 400 caves to crawl, slide, and climb through, caving is a great way to spend an afternoon with the family.

  • 2. Boating

    Slow moving water through the canyon makes the river perfect for boating. Single or double person kayaks can be rented, or you can bring your own vessels and explore 10mi. of watercourse.

  • 3. Mountain biking

    Colorado Bend State Park has some truly superb mountain bike trails that are suitable for people of all ages and skill levels. Most trails are single track, but there are plenty of spots along the way to stop and picnic with your family.

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