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Cleburne State Park

Discover Cleburne State Park on Your Next Vacation

Just 30 minutes from Fort Worth, Cleburne State Park is surprisingly peaceful considering its location. The spring-fed Cedar Lake provides a spectacular centerpiece, and anyone visiting Cleburne State Park will find plenty to help them unwind. Explore the wealth of natural beauty and engaging recreation opportunities from Cleburne State Park Cabins on your next vacation.

Best Hiking Trails in Cleburne State Park base64Hash Best Hiking Trails in Cleburne State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Cleburne State Park

With many miles of well-maintained trails, hikers visiting Cleburne State Park will discover a wealth of natural beauty just waiting to be explored. Meandering along Cedar Lake, below the limestone bluffs, and into the wooded areas, each trail is graded for difficulty ensuring you can plan a suitable route from Cleburne State Park cabins. Hit the trails and experience the abundant flora and fauna of the park as you relax in this Texan oasis.

  • White-Tail Hollow Trail

    Crossing the historic CCC dam, this 1.62-mile trail takes hikers through the forest and to a superb viewpoint overlooking Cedar Lake. Rated as easy, this route is suitable for the whole family.

  • Spillway Trail

    This 0.66-mile trail is rated as moderated for difficulty and takes hikers past the imposing spillway. This impressive section of Comanche Peak limestone was carved by hand by the CCC.

  • Limestone Ridge Trail

    A 1.74-miles trail that is very challenging, this route heads up through the limestone cliffs with numerous switchbacks and rocky terrain.

  • Fossil Ridge Trail

    Following the park boundary, this 2.54-mile trail provides views across the park and access to a number of distinct scenic landscapes. You will also pass the Crappie Cove Fishing Area if you want to test your angling skills.

Best Family Activities in Cleburne State Park base64Hash Best Family Activities in Cleburne State Park

Best Family Activities in Cleburne State Park

The clear blue water of Cedar Lake is ideal for a range of water sports, however, there are many other family-friendly activities available in the park. Whether jumping on a bike and exploring the trails or learning more about the local flora and fauna through the Ranger Programs, Cleburne State Park hotels will ensure you can try your hand at anything that interests you.

  • Water Sports

    With the chance to relax on the lake in a boat, swim in the gorgeous blue waters, or grab your fishing pole and catch a variety of fish, there's plenty of fun on the lake for the whole family. Fishing gear can be loaned from the park and there's even ADA accessible fishing from the pier.

  • Ranger Programs

    Special tours and workshops are organized as part of the Ranger and Junior Rangers Programs. Don't miss your chance to learn more about park conservation and the park's natural resources.

  • Mountain Biking

    With technical trails running 6 miles, plus a range of exciting downhill routes, mountain bikers will have plenty of chance to test their skills.

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