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Buescher State Park
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Experience a Scenic Stay in the Lost Pines Forest

Located north of Smithville, Texas, Buescher State Park cabins offer families and adventurers an idyllic destination for outdoor fun or relaxation in nature. Spot deer and armadillos on hikes through cedar forests, or bike through rugged wilderness. You can also cast off at the lake for some trout fishing or enjoy a geocaching expedition to explore the park’s fascinating history.

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House Buescher State Park
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Buescher State Park, Smithville, Texas, United States
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Best Hiking Trails in Buescher State Park

At just over 1,000 acres, Buescher State Park is relatively small, making the hiking trails accessible and manageable - perfect for a day trip. Most of the hikes in the park are easy-going trails and several of them share paved pathways, making them suitable for all skill levels. The park’s pretty setting offers families and nature enthusiasts a fine place to explore, and after a long day of hiking, you can relax at one of the Buescher State Park hotels.

  • 1. Buescher State Park Trail

    This 6.4mi. lightly-trafficked loop is the park’s main trail and is used for walking, hiking, and birding. You can also bring your dog.

  • 2. Buescher State Park Mountain Bike Trail

    A 10mi. hiking and biking trail that winds through the loblolly pines of the park. Offering low to moderate difficulty, this trail consists of gravel, sand, and clay depending on where you are.

  • 3. Buescher-Bastrop Trail

    This is a 12mi. paved trail linking Buescher and Bastrop state parks and is also great for biking and exploring forested areas. Interactive trail maps also allow you to take a virtual tour of the majestic Lost Pines Forest.

Best Family Activities in Buescher State Park

Whether renting canoes, hiking through the forest or fishing in the small woodland lake stocked for anglers, you will never be short of something interesting to do with your family while at Buescher State Park. After a long day of exploration, you can rest and unwind at one of the Buescher State Park cabins.

  • 1. Fishing

    Buescher State Park features a small, tranquil lake that is open for both fishing and canoeing. This lake is stocked with rainbow trout during winter as well as catfish, bass, and crappie all year round. Afterward, you and your family can picnic or camp nearby as you enjoy fish for dinner.

  • 2. Geocaching Expeditions

    This modern-day scavenger hunt guarantees a lot of fun for you and your family. Navigate with a GPS to find numerous treasures hidden throughout the park as you learn exciting facts and stories about its history.

  • 3. Biking

    Buescher State Park offers some of the best biking experiences in Texas due to its unforgettable scenic views. The park’s paved road is suitable for all skill levels and is ideal for families.

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