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Pickwick Landing State Park
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Family-Friendly Fun at Pickwick Landing State Park

Visiting Pickwick Landing State Park is a great option for solo or family travelers staying in Hardin Country, Western Tennessee. It's well known for its range of recreational activities around the marina and lake. There's also golf, hiking, and regular events, with the option to stay at the Inn or rustic Pickwick Landing State Park cabins.

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Apartment Pickwick Landing State Park
Apartment ∙ 6 guests ∙ 3 bedrooms
Pickwick Landing State Park, Hardin County, Tennessee, United States
from $221
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Apartment Pickwick Landing State Park
Apartment ∙ 6 guests ∙ 3 bedrooms
Pickwick Landing State Park, Hardin County, Tennessee, United States
from $221
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The Best Hiking Trails In Pickwick Landing State Park

With 1,416 acres of forested hills and hollows and a picturesque lakeside area, the park offers plenty to explore, including several organized trails, and shorter, connected loops.

  • 1. Island Loop Trail

    An easy 2.8-mile hike through woodland and alongside the river banks, this trail offers great views of the Tennessee River and Pickwick Dam.

  • 2. Lake And Back Trail

    One of the short trails off the main Island Loop, this route promises additional views of Pickwick Lake and the dam. Other connector trails run near the campground.

  • 3. Inn Walking Trail

    Another easy trail on a paved surface, this hike spans 1.2 miles, taking in some of the best sights in Western Tennessee.

The Best Family Activities In Pickwick Landing State Park

Pickwick Lake is a famous fishing hotspot for anglers seeking smallmouth bass and Tennessee River catfish. This beautiful state park offers more than just fishing, though. With hiking, boating, disc golf, and a full-service marina, it has plenty to do for adventurers of all ages.

  • 1. Swimming

    When visiting Pickwick Landing State Park, you have the choice of three public swimming areas, of which two are in in the day-use area. If you're staying at the Inn or Pickwick Landing State Park cabins, there are also indoor and outdoor pools for your use.

  • 2. Birdwatching

    Looking for something to do during the winter months? Birding offers a great way for your family to explore the state park. Species you could spot include brown-headed nuthatches, ring billed-gulls, and American coots.

  • 3. Disc golf

    The Inn, one of the hotels by Pickwick Landing State Park, marks the start of the disc golf course. Fun for beginners and those looking for a challenge, this course rewards you with a great view of the lake.

  • 4. Canoeing and kayaking

    Make an advance reservation and hire a single or tandem kayak or canoe to head out onto the water. Rentals, including paddles and floatation devices, are priced per hour or per day.

  • 5. Bring a picnic

    Alongside the park's range of water activities and hiking available, outdoor dining and picnics await. There are shelters for rent overlooking the marina, Pickwick Lake, and woodland, so you're sure to have a great setting for a family meal.

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