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Montgomery Bell State Park
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Discover Montgomery Bell State Park

Anyone visiting Montgomery Bell State Park will discover a place full of history and natural beauty just a short ride out of Dickson, Tennessee. Home to important iron mines dating back to the late 18th century, a wealth of local flora and fauna, as well as a variety of recreational activities, the park is an ideal destination for people of all ages.

Best Hiking Trails in Montgomery Bell State Park

With an impressive 19 miles of hiking trails that criss-cross the park, hikers, trail runners and mountain bikers are well rewarded. Including easy routes ideal for children as well as more challenging routes for experienced hikers, you can easily choose which trails are best suited to your group. Explore Lake Woodhaven, Lake Acorn and Creech Hollow at your own pace from Montgomery Bell State Park cabins.

  • 1. Jim Bailey Nature Trail

    An easy, 0.5-mile trail that is ideal for children but also popular with trail runners. This route gives hikers the chance to enjoy some beautiful forests and wildlife.

  • 2. Creech Hollow Trail

    This 1.7-mile trail of moderate difficulty gives vacationers visiting Montgomery Bell State Park access to the lakeside as you clamber over a number of rock sections.

  • 3. Montgomery Bell Overnight Trail

    Stretching 10.4-miles, this trail is rated as moderate for difficulty and provides excellent views as you cross the creek. This longer and more challenging route is also popular with mountain bikers.

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Best Family Activities in Montgomery Bell State Park

Family vacations in Montgomery Bell State Park hotels mean there is always something fun to do. Whether exploring the forests by bike or enjoying any one of the three lakes, you are sure to find an activity that appeals to everyone. Discover the abandoned iron mine by bike or lay back in the sun and enjoy the beach on your vacation on Montgomery Bell State Park.

  • 1. Biking

    With around 23 miles of dedicated mountain bike track, hitting the park on two wheels provides families with the chance to test their rock hopping skills. With trails of varying difficulty color coded to allow easy identification, you will find a route for all abilities.

  • 2. Boating

    Lake Acorn offers paddle boats, canoes and kayaks for hire and boating is permitted on all three lakes. A great way to explore the park from a different perspective and cool off on a hot day.

  • 3. Swimming

    The beach at Lake Acorn provides excellent swimming facilities alongside a few choice sunbathing spots for those who don't want to get their feet wet. Additionally, for vacationers using Montgomery Bell State Park cabins, there is an indoor and outdoor pool available.