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Henry Horton State Park Cabins

Henry Horton State Park

Discover Henry Horton State Park on Your Next Vacation

Located on the idyllic Duck river, a historically notable watercourse thanks to the Wilhoite family, visiting Henry Horton State Park ensures an engaging vacation. With a variety of unique flora and fauna, numerous exciting activities, plus hiking trails that allow you to explore the park at your own pace, Henry Horton State Park cabins make for an ideal vacation.

Best Hiking Trails in Henry Horton State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Henry Horton State Park

When visiting Henry Horton State Park, keen hikers will find more than 10mi. of trails to explore. Ranging in difficulty, there are trails suitable for all ages. From mysterious sinkholes past the rich, natural splendor of Duck River to the parched cedar glades, Henry Horton State Park cabins will let you discover everything this diverse state park has to offer as you plan your next hike.

  • Hickory Ridge Outer Trail

    Showcasing some of the park's diversity and depth, this 2.7mi. loop guides you through cedar glades and rocky outcrops to some of the park's most notable sinkholes. An excellent route for birding and wildlife watching.

  • Wild Turkey Trail

    This 1.6mi. trail gives you the chance to enjoy an abundance of wild flowers in spring. A peaceful hike through the woods, most children will be able to complete this short trail, and lucky hikers might spot a few wild turkeys while walking.

  • Wilhoite Mill Trail

    A 0.8mi. hike that takes you past Duck River and the Wilhoite family mill and dam. A great way to learn about the history of the area. The river still displays a number of artifacts that help add a little mystery as you explore.

Best Family Activities in Henry Horton State Park

Best Family Activities in Henry Horton State Park

Enjoying the great outdoors during your next family vacation is easy at Henry Horton State Park. With a variety of exciting, family-friendly activities available throughout the year, you are sure to find something suitable for any age or interest. Henry Horton State Park hotels will ensure you can optimize your vacation and enjoy everything the park has to offer.

  • Disc Golf

    An 18-hole disc golf course provides hours of fun for the whole family—plus a little healthy competition to boot. Free to the public, the course is easily navigated and considered one of the best in Tennessee.

  • Swimming

    Suitable for children of ages three and older, the Olympic-sized swimming pool at Henry Horton State Park is a great way to cool down on hot days. Featuring a diving board and concessions stand, you can easily waste a whole day in the water.

  • Fishing

    Henry Horton State Park is famed for its fishing thanks to the diversity of Duck River. Whether from the banks or by boat, you can land bass, redeye, and catfish.

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