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Cummins Falls State Park Cabins

Cummins Falls State Park

Explore Cummins Falls State Park on Your Next Vacation

Located on the Blackburn Fork State Scenic River in Tennessee, travelers visiting Cummins Falls State Park will be awed by this idyllic gorge and the rugged terrain which surrounds it. Home to the state's eighth largest waterfall, this 282-acre park is a great destination for your next vacation and Cummins Falls State Park cabins are the ideal base from which to explore.

Best Hiking Trails in Cummins Falls State Park

The spectacular terrain you will discover when visiting Cummins Falls State Park makes hiking both popular and challenging. Steep and uneven trails with significant elevations will guide you around the gorge and waterfalls, with slightly less demanding hikes taking you upstream. If you are feeling up to the challenge, then explore the park from Cummins Falls State Park Cabins and enjoy spectacular natural features untouched by man.

  • Waterfall Overlook Trail

    Taking you through the gorge and to the top of the fall, this trail is the most popular and provides excellent views at the summit. Rated as moderate for difficulty, this route covers a distance of 0.4 miles.

  • Upstream Trail

    This moderate trail follows the river upstream and includes numerous water crossings over the course of 0.5-miles. You will also walk along the rocky riverbed for part of this trail.

  • Downstream Trail

    Rated as hard, this 1.5-mile trail follows the river downstream and through the forests. This trail should only be attempted by experienced hikers and is not suitable for children.

Best Family Activities in Cummins Falls State Park

Along the trails and around the park, vacationers will find a number of recreational activities suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Cummins Falls State Park hotels give you and your family access to the cool waters of the gorge, a range of excellent rock climbing areas and plenty of great fishing spots. Discover the wealth of engaging activities in Cummins Falls State Park on your next vacation.

  • Fishing

    Bass and bluegill can be fished along the banks fo the Blackburn Fork Scenic River. The water is too shallow for boats but wading is possible and very popular among anglers.

  • Rock Climbing

    The rugged terrain of the park provides some superb spots for rock climbing and bouldering. With areas suitable for the whole family, anyone can take part no matter their previous experience.

  • Swimming

    The Cummins Falls State Park has long been a popular swimming spot for locals. Numerous swimming holes can be found in the park and the gorge provides excellent views of the waterfall as you enjoy the cool waters.

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