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Cedars of Lebanon State Park
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Planning Your Vacation to Cedars of Lebanon State Park

Located in Wilson County, Tennessee, Cedars of Lebanon State Park takes its name from the area's gorgeous Eastern Red Cedars. Early American settlers found similarities between these trees and the Biblical cedar forests of Mount Lebanon. The park is famed for its unique habitats and ecosystems, and vacationers will also find plenty of exciting activities to enjoy throughout the year.

Best Hiking Trails in Cedars of Lebanon State Park

Visiting Cedars of Lebanon State Park is your chance to explore eight miles of hiking trails that are open all year round. Suitable for all ages and experience levels, the trails are easily accessed from Cedars of Lebanon State Park cabins. Eager hikers will be well rewarded with scenic vistas and an outstanding range of wildlife.

  • 1. Hidden Springs Trail

    A 4.2-mi. trail that is suitable for children, this route guides you through the forest and past a variety of sinkholes and dramatic rock formations. Try trail running for a particularly invigorating way to experience the route.

  • 2. Limestone Sinks Trail

    This short, 400-meter trail is ideal for smaller children and takes in a variety of rock formations along the way. Dogs can also be taken on this trail as long as they are kept on a leash.

  • 3. Cedar Forest Trail

    Taking you directly through the Red Cedar forest, this 1.4-mi. trail also takes in a number of sinkholes and a diverse array of wildflowers. Lucky hikers might even spot rabbits, foxes, and deer.

Best Family Activities in Cedars of Lebanon State Park

Cedars of Lebanon State Park hotels give families easy access to an array of fun activities, all year round. Whether you want to explore the park on your trusty steed, or you simply want to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the area, you are sure to find activities to suit every member of the family, from the tiniest toddler to the seasoned grandparents.

  • 1. Horseback Riding

    With 12.5-miles of dedicated trails, horseback riding is a popular family activity in the park. Cedars of Lebanon State Park cabins provide an excellent jumping off point for thrilling horseback excursions into the forest.

  • 2. Disc Golf

    This 18-hole disc golf course is easily navigated but still proves a challenge for even the most competitive family members. The course is set amid the majestic woods and features a variety of limestone rock formations as the backdrop.

  • 3. Swimming

    Featuring a diving board and kid-friendly wading pool, the Olympic-sized pool of Cedars of Lebanon State Park is a great place to cool down on hot days. Pre-arranged pool parties are also available if you have a special occasion to celebrate during your vacation.