FAQ Storyteller

Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Storyteller Program at HomeToGo

Story Creation - How to create a Story

How do I navigate to my Stories ?

Navigate to Wishlist. Here you find the entire collection of all Stories you created. 

To navigate to a specific story, click on the story.

How do I create a Story ?

  1. Navigate to your Wishlist
  2. Click on “Add new List”
  3. Enter the Title - this title will be used as the default title of your Story. You will be able to edit this title later again.
  4. Click “continue” - you will be redirected to your story automatically

What Story Features are available ?

Your story can include one or multiple elements.

-Text + Image

-Image + Text

-Text on Image

-Related Stories

How can I add Story Elements ?

To add a new story element, you need to activate the editing mode of your story. Click on the button “+ Add element”

The following four for elements are available: 

-Text + Image

-Image + Text

-Text on Image

-Related Stories

How can I edit my Stories?

You can edit your story at any time. For editing, click on the “Edit” button.

Story Elements:

The following story elements are available

-Text + Image

-Image + Text

-Text on Image

-Related Stories

You can add and delete any story element. 

Story Elements: Text + Image, Image + Text, Text on Image

For the three elements, following features available that can be added and edited:



-Body Text

-Uploading & cropping an image

Please note: for the first element within your story, a title is mandatory. 

Story Element: Related Stories

The Story Element “Related Stories” enables you to interlink your stories. By adding this element all the stories you created will be displayed by default within your story. 

This enables your followers to discover more or your stories.

You have the opportunity to add a title for your “related stories” e.g. My favorite Destinations, All my Stories, Top 10 destinations in Europe,… 


I changed the title of my Story. Why is it not shown in the story overview?

It might take a few moments until the new title of your story will be shown on the story overview.

Story Sharing

How can I share my Stories with my Followers?

To share your stories, use the sharing functionality only. Links in the sharing functionality will enable the tracking and the correct attribution of traffic and earnings. If any other links are used to share the story (e.g. URL in Browser), tracking will not be enabled and thus data not attributed correctly. 

Story Insights

How do I see the performance of my Stories?

You will receive a monthly reporting with the performance of the Stories you created. The reporting will be sent to the Email address you added in your profile. If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact to send an email to [email protected]


How do I see the performance of my Stories?

If you have any question just send us an Email to [email protected]. We will get in touch with you shortly.