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Squaw Lake

Compare and find a dreamlike vacation home for as little as $140 per night by exploring the 14 options available in Squaw Lake. HomeToGo, a vacation rental search engine, instantly compares all of these accommodations so you can save up to 10%!

Popular Rental Amenities in Squaw Lake

  • Kitchen (12)
  • Parking (10)
  • Internet (9)
  • Grill (9)
  • TV (8)
  • AC (8)
  • No smoking (8)
  • No pets (7)
  • Balcony/Patio (7)
  • Microwave (7)
  • Sauna (5)
  • Yard (5)

The Weather in Squaw Lake

- Rainy days

Above are the weather conditions for Squaw Lake. The highest average temperatures are in the month of July. On the other hand, you could have temperatures dropping under 0° in January. Bring your umbrella in December, the rainiest month of the year!

12 out of the 14 listed rentals in Squaw Lake are house rentals. They account for two-thirds of the accommodation options in this destination (70.59%). In addition, the average nightly price of house rentals there is $212, and their size, on average, is 540 ft². Furthermore, these properties are perfect for 4 as that is the average number of guests house rentals can host in Squaw Lake. Private rooms are the second most common accommodation type in Squaw Lake. The average size of private rooms in Squaw Lake is 2,000 ft², and the average price is $290 a night.
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Food & Drinks

Gastronomy at Squaw Lake

For food, Squaw Lake has The Hill Restaurant, a restaurant and motel that has long been a fixture of the area. There, you'll find not only good food, but also visitor information as to the best activities in the area, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling in the winter and great fishing sites in the summer.

For those looking for traditional foods, Ojibwe Wild Rice sells traditionally grown wild rice, following centuries of tradition.


Visiting the Ojibwe Tribe

Squaw Lake is part of the Ojibwe Tribe's Leech Lake Reservation, offering visitors three separate casinos. The Palace Casino stands on Route 75, while the Northern Lights Casino Hotel in Walker offers a range of dining and entertainment experiences. The White Oak Casino is the newest of the three, and calls itself "the best little casino in Minnesota," with a record of exceptional hospitality.

For more traditional events, Ojibwe powwows allow visitors to partake in tribal culture through the summer and into early September. Visitors are invited to a feast and can take part in the traditional dances of the tribe.

Local Attractions

Nature wherever you look

Squaw Lake is heaven for nature lovers. To the south lies Chippewa State Forest and to the east, across the thousand lakes that have made Minnesota famous, is the George Washington State Forest. Squaw Lake itself is nestled between Round Lake and Nature's Lake, both offering a pristine vista for vacation renters.

For hunting and fishing afficionados, Squaw Lake has you covered. Leino's Riverside Resort offers both, with fishing at its height in the summer and hunting in the fall. Round Lake's 2.850 acres are full of Walleyes, Northern Pikes, Jumbo Perch, and Panfish, with recent lake surveys finding an average of five Walleyes per test net. The area around the lake teems with grouse, duck, and - for the more daring - even bears.

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