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Vacation Rentals near Alcatraz

Alcatraz Island

Visit Alcatraz Island for its Fascinating Past

Stay in a cozy vacation rental near Alcatraz Island instead of a hotel for that homely comfort in this interesting destination.

Our Recommendations base64Hash Our Recommendations

Our Recommendations

Let an audio tour lead you around the prison of Alcatraz as you listen to its blood-curdling past. Visit the cell house, the military base, the hospital, and the lighthouse.
Be here in summer if you want to witness the island turn into a nesting ground of the western gulls.
Shop for interesting souvenirs or the detailed “Hollywood Alcatraz” book from the gift shop.

Useful Information base64Hash Useful Information

Useful Information

Buy your tickets from Alcatraz Cruises, the only company which takes you to Alcatraz Island. Book ahead in summer and weekends as places fill up fast.
There’s a tram uphill but even after that, it involves a lot of walking.

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