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Balboa Park
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Something for Everyone: Visit Balboa Park

Not only is entrance free, but Balboa Park contains a huge plethora of fun activities that everyone will enjoy. Regardless of your tastes and preferences, the park is a gastronomic, entertainment, and naturalistic mosaic. A vacation rental near Balboa Park provides the comfort of home as you delve into an abundant, enriching experience.

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Balboa Park features seventeen museums and cultural sites that cover many topics – from photography and history to space and minerals – and access to the Timken Art Museum is free.
The park also boasts several themed gardens, each of which contains unique flora and fauna. Bring your camera to capture the Botanical Garden and Lily Pond, which have no entrance fee.
There are 10 performance areas featuring a variety of shows such as comedies and musicals. If waiting for a night show, you can leave the park, return to your nearby vacation rental, and come back later.

Useful Information

Just as it features an abundance of fun activities, Balboa Park showcases a diverse range of food options and restaurants, some of which offer beautiful views of waterfalls and the park's gardens.
If you would rather eat home cooking, you can whip up a dish in your vacation rental's kitchen. You can also bring a portable grill into the park, but be sure to empty the coals into a hot coal container.
Depending on your route, the park is either only 2.8 or 4.2 miles from the San Diego International Airport, which amounts to approximately 15 minutes by car.
Parking is also free throughout the park's several lots. To get to the core of the park, leave your car in the Inspiration Point parking lot and catch the free streetcar. Alternatively, you could leave your car at your nearby rental and take a short walk to the park.

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