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Accommodation near Chemeketa Community College

Chemeketa Community College

Enjoy the atmosphere at Chemeketa Community College

Known for its success in the winery industry, Chemeketa Community College has attracted multiple wine enthusiasts. Its location is in Oregon, United States, and serves almost 30,000 students every year. Owing to its popularity, it attracts a lot of visitors, and fortunately, there is accommodation near Chemeketa Community College to host visitors who opt for longer stays.

Useful information for your visit to Chemeketa Community College

Useful information for your visit to Chemeketa Community College

You can hardly find a destination that offers both educational and recreational experiences, but Chemeketa Community College does. Everyone in the family can find something to do.

  • Wine making

    A visit to Chemeketa Community College can be an eye-opener in case you have been wondering how wines are crafted from grapes. The college offers a wine studies program for one to become a professional winemaker. The Mid-Willamette Valley has almost every species of wine grape since the environment is suitable for their growth. A vacationer is also allowed to visit the spectacular vineyards with a guide.

  • Schreiner’s Iris Farm

    For the love of the iris flower, you can visit Schreiner’s located a few miles from Chemeketa. The beautifully laid gardens and the exquisite scents will give you the sensational experience that will light up your day. The flower garden has world-class irises which are available for purchases. Here, you can find them in different dazzling colors, especially in the spring period. For purchases, the plant will be sent to you during the planting period, mostly in fall.

  • Salem’s Riverfront Carousel

    If your kids like carousels, then this is the place to be. You can surprise your children with rides on their birthdays while you chill and enjoy the spectacular ambiance it offers. It has various carved animals such as horses, zebras, elephants, and deer. They are even assigned different names to make them more memorable.

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