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Dixie State University.
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Visiting Dixie State University in St. George, Utah

Known as DSU or "Dixie" to most of its 9,000 students, Dixie State University dates back over a century. Opting for accommodations near Dixie State University, set in the small town of St. George in southern Utah, lets you explore nearby wild spaces such as Grand Canyon National Park.

Useful information for your visit to Dixie State University

DSU is close to the Arizona border and under 90 minutes' drive from the bright lights of Las Vegas. Choosing Dixie State University as a base lets you experience the perfect combination of city attractions and some of America's greatest landscapes.

  • 1. Getting to Dixie State University

    There's plenty of visitor parking at Dixie State, clearly marked with a green stripe on the road. It's just a 30-minute stroll from downtown, or you can catch the 2 bus, which drops you off on campus.

  • 2. Red Hills Desert Garden

    If your visit is short and you haven't time to get out to the more remote desert areas, then St. George's Red Hills Desert Garden is the perfect introduction. The walkways are paved for easy access, and the park is planted with a range of cacti and other plants that thrive in Utah's dry and hot climate.

  • 3. Jacob Hamblin House

    Explore the 19th-century Mormon pioneer's former home, preserved as a museum. Learn about Hamblin's family and his missionary work with the native American population.

  • 4. Grand Canyon

    From DSU, it's just a two-hour drive to perhaps the most famous site in the US, the Grand Canyon. Staying in St. George lets you get ahead of the crowds and experience the area's stunning landscapes in relative peace and quiet.

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