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The epic country of Russia covers a staggering 12% of the world's surface. Everything from city apartments to hillside country cottages can be found in this nation of diverse landscapes and world-class cities. Float down the canals of St. Petersburg, marvel at art in Moscow, and be in awe of the vast open landscapes of wild Siberia with your very own vacation rental in Russia.

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Top Vacation Destinations in Russia

Popular Rental Amenities in Russia

  • TV (205,265)
  • Internet (203,605)
  • Air conditioning (126,470)
  • Kitchen (120,161)
  • Microwave (99,842)
  • Washer (95,694)
  • Grill (53,573)
  • No smoking (51,657)
  • Yard (46,173)
  • Crib (39,857)
  • Pool (38,569)
  • Balcony/Patio (36,753)

Using our filters will help you find the ideal property in Russia. You can easily compare and find a vacation rental meeting your needs in Russia if you want to tune out with some TV time or you need internet access during your vacation, as most accommodations offer "TV" and "Internet." You can even compare and find properties if you want a rental with a fireplace (6,383 rentals include "Fireplace" in Russia) or if you enjoy soaking in the hot tub (5,894 rentals in Russia include "Hot tub").

Price and Availability Index in Russia

Vacation Rental Price Information in Russia

We rendered price information data on the above graph to give you more insights on prices in Russia. The week with the highest average prices is in August (8/27 - 9/3). During this week, a night will cost on average $39. Russia is cheaper in a week of February (2/25 - 3/4), where prices are on average $33 a night.

Rental Availability Information in Russia

Check how busy Russia is with our availability graph. In a week of June (6/18 - 6/25), 15% of the vacation rentals are booked. It will be easy to find a rental that suits you in a week of August (8/27 - 9/3), as 93% of the rentals are still available.

Accommodations for your vacation in Russia

Users who are interested in hotel rooms in Russia can find plenty of choices, as they are the most common vacation accommodation type in this destination. In addition, hotel rooms in Russia have an average price of $75 a night and a median size of 320 ft². Furthermore, these accommodations are great for medium-sized groups and families, as most can accommodate 4 people. Apartment rentals are the other most frequent accommodation option in Russia. The average size of apartment rentals in Russia is 480 ft², and the average price is $57 a night.
Where to find the best food in Russia?

Try the local food and drink when visiting Russia

Food and drinks is an integral part of life in Russia. Though the cities are now home to a range of international cuisines and high-end restaurants, hearty Russian food is still at the core of dining here. Some highlights of Russian gastronomy to sample, when you rent your vacation home, are dumplings, Oladyi (a kind of thick pancake), and Pirozhki (a bread stuffed with various fillings). Street food is still common in Russia and is a great way to sample authentic local food for a fraction of the cost of restaurants. Eating outdoors is common, though not so much in the winter when temperatures can get very chilly.

What are the best places to discover the arts and culture of Russia?

Art and culture in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Moscow boasts many traditional art museums - some of the most popular and well curated are the Pushkin Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery, the largest collection of Russian fine art in the world. For those with an interest in modern art, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art is an excellent visit.

The Hermitage Museum is St. Petersburg's principle museum, housing a collection of some of the world's best fine art. No visit to Russia would be complete without taking in some ballet. Various theaters have regular performances - an excellent way to spend an evening.

Where are the unique attractions in Russia?

What to see and do in Russia

Most people who visit Russia will either choose a cosmopolitan venture in either Moscow or St. Petersburg or travel to the Russian Far East and explore the wild landscapes and volcanoes of Kamchatka. If you're heading East, then a trip to Yakutsk is a must. Known as the coldest city on earth, it is surrounded by immense natural beauty. A trip down the Lena River and ice fishing in the Lena Pillars are both excellent excursions.

The principle attractions in Moscow are the Kremlin (the Russian parliament building), St Basil's Cathedral, and the square in which it is located - The Red Square. Known as the Venice of the North, the stunning waterways of St. Petersburg are must, and tours are readily available. Back on dry land, attractions not to miss are: St. Isaac's Cathedral, Church of the Saviour on Blood, and the Winter Palace - the former home of the Russian Emperors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a vacation rental in Russia?

The price for Hotel rooms and Apartment rentals in Russia is $17 per night.

How many vacation rentals are available to book in Russia?

There are currently 15 vacation homes in Russia to browse and book for your next trip.

What amenities are most popular for vacation homes in Russia?

The most popular amenities for home rentals in Russia include accommodations that have: TV, Internet, and Grill.

How many vacation rentals are in Russia?

Russia has 15 Hotel rooms and Apartment rentals on offer to rent.

Are pets allowed in vacation rentals in Russia?

Finding a cabin rental in Russia that allows dogs is definitely possible, with 0 pet-friendly homes on offfer.

What's the best time of year to travel to Russia?

If booking a vacation rental in Russia, consider that rainy season is usually in January or December, with July often being the driest.

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What are the popular vacation destinations in Russia?

The most popular travel destinations in Russia are:

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