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Rent a vacation accommodation Red River Gorge: from $81 per night

from $210
1190 ft² House
4 2
Slade, Powell County, Kentucky, United States
"Excellent" 84 reviews
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from $261
8 3
Slade, Powell County, Kentucky, United States
"Excellent" 1 review
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from $165
1800 ft² House
8 2
Wolfe County, Kentucky, United States
"Excellent" 93 reviews
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from $164
1800 ft² House
10 3
Wolfe County, Kentucky, United States
"Excellent" 63 reviews
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Popular rental amenities Red River Gorge

  • Kitchen (19)
  • No smoking (18)
  • AC (16)
  • TV (15)
  • Grill (15)
  • Microwave (14)
  • Parking (14)
  • Dishwasher (12)
  • No pets (11)
  • Fishing (11)
  • Internet (10)
  • Balcony/Patio (10)
Many vacationers spend more time comparing the vacation rentals including a pool. A few of the rentals have one. Also, more House rentals have pools than any other type of accommodation. They are a great choice if you go in a group of 9, as that is the number of people they can usually accommodate. You can also find and book a rental providing a pool near the water, which is the case for a few of the rentals there. One-third of the accommodations Red River Gorge allow pets, which makes it a suitable vacation spot for pet owners. If this is a top requirement for you, have a look at the house rentals Red River Gorge. It is the most pet-friendly type of accommodation there. There's no need to look only outside the city for a rental, as a few of the pet-friendly properties have a central location (less than 2 miles from the city center).

The weather Red River Gorge

- Rainy days

Find the Red River Gorge climate diagram. June is the warmest month of the year with temperatures reaching a maximum average of 82°. However, temperatures can go lower than 24° in January. July is the wettest month.

Users who are hoping to find house rentals in Red River Gorge have plenty of alternatives, as they are the most frequent accomodations being offered in this destination. In addition, the median size of house rentals in Red River Gorge is 1,740 ft² and they cost, on average, $233 per night. Furthermore, these properties are perfect for 7 it represents the average number of vacationers house rentals can accommodate in Red River Gorge. You can also compare other accommodation options in Red River Gorge. Hotel rooms are, for example, another typical property type there with 1 being offered. The average size of hotel rooms in Red River Gorge is 300 ft², and the average price is $127 per night.

Escape to a vacation rental in spectacular Red River Gorge

A Red River Gorge cabin rental positions you among prehistoric petroglyphs and vast gorges, wild national parks and breathtaking views. You and your family will never forget a stay in a quaint Red River Gorge cabin — it's a truly authentic experience.

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Art & Culture

Tunnels and reptile tours

Check out the historic Nada Tunnel, which stretches for 900ft through Kentucky's mountains. A former railway tunnel, it offers a spectacular shortcut to the Red River Gorge canyons in the famous Daniel Boone National Forest. The so-called gateway to Red River Gorge, like a keyhole, the tunnel unlocks awe-inspiring views and outdoor experiences. Nada Tunnel's name, by the way, is owed to two nearby prehistoric Native American rock art sites, which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and should not be missed!

Next, tour Kentucky Reptile Zoo and come face to face with the most venomous and dangerous reptiles in the world (in a safe environment, of course!). Your family can attend live demonstrations that illustrate the remarkable potency of the reptiles' venom, along with other fascinating facts about these remarkable creatures.

Family Activities

Family adventures

Your family will get a kick out of trips to Thrillsville Adventure Park. For extra excitement, try your hand at the Aerial Adventure through the gorge, with its 50 foot rock wall, tight ropes, and 200ft zip line. To explore an abandoned mine, take the Explore the Underground one-hour guided kayak tour, during which your guide will explain the various kinds of rock your group observes. The park's Off-road Adventure takes you through the gorge's wildest and most impressive scenery in a custom Hummer. Don't leave without zooming down the Red River Gorge Zipline, for some of the fastest, most fantastic views of this natural wonder.

Local Attractions

Escape into nature

There's so much to experience in the vast and verdant Natural Bridge State Resort Park. From birding among beautiful goldfinches and cardinals to hoedowns and square dancing, the park offers many pleasures. Go on a canoe or kayak outing, or fish on Mill Creek Lake for bass, sunfish, and rainbow trout. Hiking trails are spread out through the park's beautiful natural spaces. Why not explore them on foot? Choose from Hood's Branch Trail, Rock Garden Trail, Whittleton Branch Trail, and Lakeside Trail.

You can even go swimming at Hemlock Lodge, which is tucked in between the cliff and Mill Creek Lake. The vast stone bathhouse has a river theme, water jets, and floor bubblers. There's a children's pool next door, complete with floor bubbles and a fountain, to delight the little ones. Don't leave the park without a ride on the Natural Bridge Sky Lift, which soars over the tree canopy, providing views for miles across the landscape.

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