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Experience Worlds End State Park on Your Next Vacation

Found deep within the Loyalsock State Forest, World End State Park is s 780 acre valley of scenic vistas, rugged beauty, and unique flora and fauna. A range of recreational activities suitable for people of all ages can be accessed from Worlds End State Park cabins, and the heart of the Endless Mountains is sure to capture your full attention.

Best Hiking Trails in Worlds End State Park

When visiting Worlds End State Park, vacationers will find a variety of hiking trails suitable for a range of abilities. More than 60mi. of trails wind through the park, and the natural terrain means that most of these require some navigation of rocky paths and challenging ascents. Worlds End State Park cabins will allow you to plan for these routes and choose the parts which are most suited to the abilities of your group.

  • 1. Canyon Vista Trail

    This 4mi. loop offers hikers jaw-dropping views of Loyalsock gorge from an elevation of 1750 ft. A labyrinth of rock formations called the Rock Garden is also fun to explore and sits adjacent to the vista.

  • 2. Butternut Trail

    An uneven rocky trail traces a 2.5mi. circuit through the forest to reach Butternut Vista, where you will be treated to excellent views over Loyalsock valley. You will also cross a seasonal stream while traveling this route.

  • 3. Loyalsock Loop Trail

    At 59.21 mi., Loyalsock Loop is the most difficult trail in the park, made up of old logging roads and abandoned railway tracks lost in the thickets of the forest. This route is particularly rugged and it is worth consulting a detailed map while walking.

Best Family Activities in Worlds End State Park

Worlds End State Park hotels will give you and your family the chance to enjoy a range of exciting activities when you visit the park. From exciting winter sports when the snow falls, to summer days in the creek or river, there's plenty to explore and experience for families visiting Worlds End State Park.

  • 1. Winter Sports

    Including cross-country skiing and snowmobiling, exploring Worlds End State Park after the snow begins to fall is the ideal way to see the park a little differently. Before heading out, you should always check the Winter Report to make sure the meteorological conditions are safe.

  • 2. Whitewater Boating

    Loyalsock Creek is open to whitewater kayakers throughout the year, although the beach area is restricted during the summer. March to May are the best times to enjoy some adrenaline-fuelled fun.

  • 3. Swimming

    Open from sunrise to sunset, the beach at Loyalsock creek provides cool water from the mountains, even during the height of summer.