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Shawnee State Park Cabins

Shawnee State Park

Shawnee State Park, for a Big, Unspoiled Slice of Ohio

Shawnee State Park is one of the most beautiful, untouched parts of Ohio, with no cars for miles. Discover almost endless hiking possibilities, as well as the opportunity to engage in sports like golfing and fishing. This popular forest encompasses 60,000 acres and is a particularly great destination for family trips.
Best Hiking Trails in Shawnee State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Shawnee State Park

For many visitors to the park the highlight is looking forward to the different hikes you can embark on. Shawnee State Park hotels and cabins give you easy access to all the best spots. There are a number of different paths, such as lakeside walks or horse riding opportunities to discover.

  • 1. Backpack Side Trail

    Less than 3/4 of a mile long, this easy, well marked trail close to the interior of the forest makes for an excellent introduction to hiking in the area. The trail is close to the park's main amenities, so you can easily head back for food or other facilities.

  • 2. Lake Trail

    Just short of a mile, this trail follows the shore of Turkey Creek Lake. You can fish or rent a boat here and the trail offers a very scenic backdrop for walking.

  • 3. Day Hike Trail

    Spanning several miles, this trail is an ideal choice if you would like a longer hike. You can opt to cut right through the forest northwards, reaching the Silver Arrow trail where you can go horse riding. Alternatively, take the East Loop all the way around Long Hollow and you will get a fantastic tour of the interior of the forest.

  • 4. Lampblack

    Three miles or longer depending on how deep into the park you would like to go, this horse riding trail offers a different way to see the surroundings if you would like to give your feet a rest!

The Best Family Activities in Shawnee State Park

The Best Family Activities in Shawnee State Park

When renting Shawnee State Park cabins for your trip, also check out the superb activities to keep every age group happy during the vacation.

  • 1. Boating

    Turkey Creek Lake and Roosevelt Lake are optimal for renting a boat and seeing things from a different angle. Opt for pedal boats, canoes or kayaks.

  • 2. Fishing

    Turkey Creek Lake is also the center for fishing in Shawnee State Park. Catfish, bluegill and largemouth bass are among the top catches here.

  • 3. Golfing

    At the Ohio River Marina there is an 18-hole golf course with stunning surroundings that make it unmissable for fans of the sport.

  • 4. Archery and Other Games

    There is also an archery range in Shawnee, making for a fun diversion for all age groups. Alternatively, you can check out the basketball and volleyball courts and great geocaching opportunities, giving everyone in the family something to do no matter what their tastes.

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