Raccoon Creek State Park Cabins

Raccoon Creek State Park

Planning Your Vacation in Racoon State Park

One of Pennsylvania's most popular parks, Racoon Creek State Park makes an ideal vacation destination throughout the year, thanks to a plethora of seasonal activities. Covering 7,572 acres, the park has numerous amenities and plays host to various events year round. The convenience of Raccoon Creek State Park cabins ensures that you and your family can easily explore the park to its fullest.

Best Hiking Trails in Raccoon Creek State Park

Parvin State Park puts you in the heart of the wilderness. With more than 42mi. of trails to from which to choose, you will find routes suitable for all ages and skills levels. Raccoon Creek State Park cabins give you the chance to hit the track as the sun rises.

Best Family Activities in Raccoon Creek State Park

A visit to this nature reserve offers you and your family with plenty to do in any season, from horseback riding and swimming in summer to cross country skiing and ice skating in winter. From the healing waters of the Frankfort Mineral Springs to lazy days spent relaxing at the Raccoon Lake beach, you'll find engaging activities suitable for a wide range of interests. Discover everything this enchanting park has to offer from Raccoon Creek State Park hotels, and enjoy a truly special family vacation.

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