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Prince Gallitzin State Park Cabins

Prince Gallitzin State Park

Prince Gallitzin State Park is the Perfect Destination for a Family Vacation

Prince Gallitzin State Park cabins locate guests in one of Pennsylvania's most exciting natural environments. Offering endless outdoor activities to families and friends alike, this natural paradise attracts visitors who return year after year to its glittering lakes and whispering woodland. Prince Gallitzin State Park Hotels are a portal to perfect vacations and thrilling activities like snowmobiling, horseback riding and orienteering.
Best Hiking Trails in Prince Gallitzin State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Prince Gallitzin State Park

Near Prince Gallitzin State Park cabins, the Allegheny Plateau overlooks the sparkling Glendale Lake. A variety of wildlife call the forests home and migratory birds animate hikes during the shoulder season. There are more than twenty trails in the park, these are some of the best:

  • 1. Lakeshore Trail

    With some 26 miles of shoreline, there is plenty of space to step out in this state park. The mile long Lakeshore Trail is one of the most scenic in the park. Backed by forest, the trail originates at Muskrat Beach and connects with the Hughes Trail.

  • 2. Poems Trail

    On this unusual trail you will learn about the natural world though the artistic outpourings of poets. Each of the stations on the trail is accompanied by a corresponding poem about nature, which you can enjoy along with the natural beauty.

  • 3. Old Glendale Road Trail

    This two mile trail originates at the Glendale Dam and follows the Slate Lick shore all the way to the Bater Patch Trailhead. Old growth woodland is a charming home for wildlife, including numerous bird species.

Best Family Activities in Prince Gallitzin State Park

Best Family Activities in Prince Gallitzin State Park

The outward bound adventures offered by Prince Gallitzin State Park cabins are some of the best in the state. Take a ride on a snowmobile through a winter wonderland, canter through pristine, forested trails on horseback or mountain bike along the lakeshore. Whether you are fishing, wildlife watching or cross country skiing, you are sure to enjoy bonding time with your family at Prince Gallitzin State Park.

  • 1. Kayak tours

    Paddle out on the 1,635 acre lake to discover secluded coves. Ranger guided tours emphasize the interconnectivity of the ecosystem. Alternatively, sail away on your own dinghy for the day, or take a fishing boat out and catch your own dinner.

  • 2. Wildlife Watching

    You will be thrilled by the diversity of wildlife that shares the park with you. Head to the fields to spot butterflies in the summer and stop in at the Visitor Center to learn more about the migratory birds that pass through the park in the shoulder seasons.

  • 3. Swimming

    The glistening sands of Muskrat Beach are the ideal springboard for summer swimming. There is also a volleyball court and even bathhouses for your convenience. Enjoy a family meal at the picnic area afterwards.

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