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Parker Dam State Park Cabins

Parker Dam State Park

Plan Your Vacation in Parker Dam State Park

Spanning 968 acres of central Pennsylvania's, Parker Dam State Park offers vacationers a simple and tranquil escape from everyday life. Surrounded by the Moshannon State Forest, the park features a 20-acre lake and diverse natural habitats, alongside a variety of recreational activities suitable for the whole family. Explore the park from Parker Dam State Park cabins on your next vacation.
Best Hiking Trails in Parker Dam State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Parker Dam State Park

Incorporating 16 miles of scenic trails, hikers of all ages visiting Parker Dam State Park will find a suitable route. From tornado-ravaged woods through mature forests and down to the calm waters of the lake, each trail allows you to view the park from a different perspective. Staying in Parker Dam State Park cabins will ensure you can hit the trails early and enjoy a full day of exploration on foot.

  • 1. Beaver Dam Trail

    Taking hikers along Mud Run, this 2.3-mile trail is rated as easy. As the name suggests, this route provides access to excellent beaver habitats where you can observe the animal in the wild.

  • 2. Abbot Hollow Trail

    This trail is rated as moderate and runs 1.7 miles through a valley destroyed by the 1985 tornado. This area is far from desolate however, and the regrowth of flora has now created a unique habitat for wildlife.

  • 3. Quehanna Trail

    This gargantuan 73-mile trail is rated as difficult and takes hikers through much of the Quehanna Wild Area. The loops of the trail can be completed in one to seven days when backpacking, however only experienced hikers should attempt this route.

Best Family Activities in Parker Dam State Park

Best Family Activities in Parker Dam State Park

Visiting Parker Dam State Park as a family means everyone can enjoy a variety of recreational activities. With winter sports popular when the snow falls, picnicking and fishing a big draw in summer and plenty of water sports available on the lake, Parker Dam State Park hotels provide an ideal way to enjoy the park in any season.

  • 1. Geocaching

    A modern treasure hunt that lets you explore as you hunt for clues, geocaching in Parker Dam State Park is perfect for children. Grab your GPS and search for the hidden caches and points of interest in the park.

  • 2. Boating

    Paddleboats, canoes, kayak and rowboats can all be hired in the park so you can hit the lake when the weather is good. Explore the full 20 acres of Parker Lake and spot some of the native wildlife as you relax.

  • 3. Winter Sports

    Cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating and sledding are all popular when the snow falls. Discover a winter wonderland and look out for the elusive bobcat that becomes slightly more conspicuous against a backdrop of snow.

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