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Laurel Hill State Park Cabins

Laurel Hill State Park

Plan your weekend escape to Laurel Hill State Park

This 4062-acre Pennsylvania state park has the large Laurel Hill Lake as its focal point and is surrounded by mountains and natural forests. There are fun activities to enjoy here throughout the year or you can just relax and take in the spectacular views from one of the rustic Laurel Hill State Park cabins.
Best Hikes in Laurel Hill State Park

Best Hikes in Laurel Hill State Park

This park boasts over 15 miles of easy-to-navigate trails. The trails are marked with bright yellow signs and the footpaths are generally wide and easy to see. Spend a few nights in one of the Laurel Hill State Park cabins for convenient access to the numerous trails.

  • 1. Lake Trail

    This trail is 1.75-mi. long and is considered the most difficult in the park. Keep in mind that the path is steep, narrow, and slippery. Enjoy spectacular views of Laurel Hill Lake from the ridge line and take it slowly to get the most out of this hike.

  • 2. Beltz Trail

    At 2.8-miles in length this is the longest hike in the park. Some sections of the hike are steep but the majority is on a wide and level pathway. You can access a number of the other hikes in this park from the Beltz Trail if you would like to do a longer combination hike.

  • 3. Copper Kettle Trail

    This is the easiest trail in the whole park and is ideal for families with younger kids. A wide-open pathway leads from the campground to the main swimming beach through an area of beautiful natural forest.

Best Family Activities in Laurel Hill State Park

Best Family Activities in Laurel Hill State Park

Laurel Hill State Park is packed with activities for the whole family to enjoy. From invigorating cross-country skiing in the winter to refreshing swimming in the lake in summer, your family will be busy from dusk to dawn. Choose from nearby family-friendly Laurel Hill State Park hotels, and have a great base for enjoying all that this park has to offer.

  • 1. The Hemlock Trail Nature Area

    Take a short stroll through a grove of ancient hemlock trees. Helpfully, there are signboards along the path explaining the history of these trees and deforestation issues in the area.

  • 2. Guided walks

    In the summer months the park offers guided walks as part of their exciting ranger program. The whole family can learn about conservation and ecology, while having a lot of fun along the way.

  • 3. Snowmobiles

    In the winter months the wide open areas of parkland are perfect for exhilarating snowmobiling excursions. Bring your own snowmobile or hire one in one of the nearby towns.

  • 4. Swimming

    In the summer months the lake is the place to cool off. The water is shallow near the shore, making it ideal for younger kids, while there are plenty of beautiful beaches to choose from.

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