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Keystone State Park Cabins

Keystone State Park

Cross Over to the North American Wilderness at Keystone State Park, a Stone's Throw From the "City of Bridges"

Located in one of Pennsylvania's largest natural areas, Keystone State Park cabins and hotels bring a wealth of opportunities for active families to enjoy the outdoors together in any season. You can look out for local wildlife, including white-tailed deer, or compete with the family in a range of outdoor sports. The park is also ideal for fishing and hunting.
Best Hiking Trails in Keystone State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Keystone State Park

The highlight of any trip to one of the nation's great state parks is hiking, and Keystone's historic buildings, colorful views of changing seasons, and rich biodiversity make for a unique wildlife experience.

  • 1. Pine Trail

    A simple, 0.3mi. trail for beginner hikers or those looking to catch a quick glimpse of the natural surroundings. The pine and chestnut trees offer varying hues to admire.

  • 2. McCune Trail

    Just over half a mile in length, you'll weave through a wetland meadow teeming with fire pink wildflowers, and see the remains of a beaver dam.

  • 3. Strawcutter Trail

    A little longer at 0.6mi. long, you can explore old farm fields en route, which make for excellent photo opportunities.

  • 4. Stone Lodge Trail

    A more challenging trail for experienced hikers, this route is 1.5mi. long and features steeper terrain. Look out for the old springhouse in the forest.

  • 5. Davis Run Trail

    The longest single trail at three miles, but the terrain is level. You'll also pass through a phenomenal natural tunnel formed by conifer trees.

Best Family Activities in Keystone State Park

Best Family Activities in Keystone State Park

There's so much to look forward to by renting Keystone State Park cabins, even if you've done all the hiking you want. Check out the wide range of seasonal activities to keep the whole family amused all year round.

  • 1. Boating

    Keystone Lake suits both active and more relaxed pursuits on vacation. Rent motor boats to explore the shoreline or just relax on the water.

  • 2. Fishing

    There's a great variety of fish here and regular stocking of the lake gives you high chances of reeling in a catch. Tiger muskellunge, carp, yellow perch, and many more await.

  • 3. Hunting

    During hunting season, trap and shoot turkeys, deer, pheasants, and more. This is also a great opportunity to train hunting dogs.

  • 4. Sledding

    There are many slopes around the park that are ideal for sledding, which will bring hours of fun to your winter vacations. Ice skating is also possible on the lake in winter - just bring an auger to test the thickness of the ice. Seven inches of solid ice is the recommended minimum for a single family on the ice.

  • 5. Skiing

    Ski cross-country along the trails, a great way to experience the park differently to the summer.

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