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Bald Eagle State Park Cabins

Bald Eagle State Park

Camping, Boating, and Fishing in Bald Eagle State Park

Named after the iconic symbol of the United States, Bald Eagle State Park covers almost 6,000 acres of central Pennsylvania. It's the perfect place to escape the pressures of everyday life, whether you're interested in catching a glimpse of a wild eagle or just relaxing with the family, Bald Eagle State Park is the perfect location.
Best Hiking Trails in Bald Eagle State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Bald Eagle State Park

The hiking trails at Bald Eagle State Park cover 14.5 miles – plenty to keep enthusiastic walkers entertained for a day, or for longer visits if you're planning to stay in hotels close to Bald Eagle State Park. The diverse landscape offers gentle walking for families and children, or more challenging walks for experienced hikers.

  • 1. Woapalanne Path

    One of the park's easier trails, this gentle stroll travels along flat ground on the edge of the lake. It's a great walk if you're interested in the abundant birdlife which lives around the water's edge. Leave the car by the Bald Eagle State Park cabins, and follow the trail east towards the dam.

  • 2. Lakeside Trail

    More of a challenge in terms of distance and in walking terrain, the 4.4 mile Lakeside Trail begins at the edge of the water then winds up traversing through the hardwood forest. This area was used for charcoal burning 150 years ago, with evidence of the furnaces still visible to walkers today.

  • 3. Hunter Run West Trail

    This is a more difficult walk along a mowed grass path through forests and open grasslands. This is one of the best routes to follow if you enjoy being serenaded by the song of common yellowthroats or sparrows.

Best Family Activities in Bald Eagle State Park

Best Family Activities in Bald Eagle State Park

There's lots to do for all ages at Bald Eagle, whatever time of year you visit. During summer, visitors can enjoy camping, boating, wildlife watching, and swimming. When the weather turns snowy, cross country skiers and ice skaters can enjoy the vast open spaces too.

  • 1. Camping

    Staying the night in the park gives the best chance to experience all it has to offer. Choose between one of the Bald Eagle State Park cabins or cottages, a more unusual yurt, or bring your own tent to pitch in one of the 97 reserved spots.

  • 2. Beach and Swimming

    There's a 1,200 foot-long beach on the side of the lake, with amenities such as a snack bar and changing rooms. The water is safe for swimming, and provides the perfect opportunity to cool off on a hot summer's day.

  • 3. Ice Skating I

    f you are visiting in the colder weather, bring your skates and get out on the frozen lake. Water regularly freezes to thicknesses safe for skating, and what better way of keeping warm?

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