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Made famous by a number of high profile rock climbers in the 1980s, today Smith Rock State Park is popular among vacationers who enjoy all forms of outdoor activities. Rising 3000 ft above the high desert of Oregon, the 650-acre park is unique. Discover a wealth of natural beauty and spectacular geology from Smith Rock State Park cabins.

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Best Hiking Trails in Smith Rock State Park

The gorges, valleys and ridges in the area are home to numerous trails and hikers visiting Smith Rock State Park are truly spoilt for choice. Smith Rock State Park cabins provide access to a range of trails suitable for all ages and experience levels, you simply need to choose the route most suitable for your group.

  • 1. North Point Trail

    This 0.5-mile trail loop trail offers gorgeous views across the river from a platform on the ridge. Golden Eagles are a common sight along this route.

  • 2. River Trail

    This popular trail covers 2.5 miles of flat terrain. Ideal for families, you will start in front on an indomitable rock face before reaching the Phoenix Buttress.

  • 3. Homestead Trail

    A quiet 1-mile trail that is slightly more challenging, the slat terrain of the Homestead Trail provides great views across the river before you ascend and travel deeper into the park.

  • 4. Misery Ridge Trail

    This difficult trail provides breathtaking views at the 3,360 ft summit. Traveling 3.7 miles through rough terrain and rocky scrambles, you will get a chance to see the famous Monkey Face and gaze towards the Monument Area.

Best Family Activities in Smith Rock State Park

Families visiting Smith Rock State Park will find plenty of challenging outdoor activities that will keep everyone entertained. Take advantage of the proximity of Smith Rock State Park hotels to this unique landscape and head out as the sun rises for a spectacular start to your day.

  • 1. Rock Climbing

    Considered the birthplace of American rock climbing, Smith Rock State Park is full of opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. With almost 2000 routes, guided tours and a dedicated climbing school, everyone can have a fun day scaling the cliffs.

  • 2. Horseback Riding

    For visitors bringing their own horses, scenic trails and spectacular vistas await. Discover the Canyon, River, Wolf Tree, and Homestead trails and explore the park at your own pace.

  • 3. Slacklining

    Not for the faint of heart, slacklining is a tightrope walk between rock spires. There are a number of established lines in the park, plus plenty more temporary lines you can try out—just don't lose your nerve!

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