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Silver Falls State Park Cabins

Silver Falls State Park

Explore the Magnificent Scenery of Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

With cabins in Silver Falls State Park, one of Oregon's finest parks, you will have access to magnificent hiking trails and unique wildlife experiences. Go horse riding or hop on your bike to explore more of the natural beauty of the region. It's just a 40-minute drive from Salem.
Best Hiking Trails in Silver Falls State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Silver Falls State Park

There are ideal trails in the park for beginner, intermediate and advanced hikers, so you can choose what best suits your tastes and personal abilities. Take the family on a tour of the park by following these trails.

  • 1. Maple Ridge Loop

    This 2.6 miles long trail will take you to views of the wonderful South Falls, so be sure to get your camera ready. You can then carry on to Lower South Falls and see the area from a different perspective before looping back to your starting point.

  • 2. Winter Falls Loop

    This longer trail will reward you with no fewer than seven waterfalls! It's five miles long and features the Middle North Falls, probably the park's most beautiful. The Stone Circle acts as the start and end point of this scenic route.

  • 3. Trail of Ten Falls

    Embark on this 7.2-mile hike to see ten waterfalls and you will appreciate how the park earns its attractive name. Climbing to an elevation of 800 feet and featuring varied terrain this trail provides more of a challenge and is perfect for fit and seasoned hikers.

Best Family Activities in Silver Falls State Park

Best Family Activities in Silver Falls State Park

As well as the trails, there are other ways to enjoy Silver Falls State Park cabins or hotels, as you get out and explore on horseback, bike, or entertain the kids at the playground.

  • 1. Horse Riding and Cycling

    There are over 35 miles of back country paths which are suitable for exploring. If your feet are too tired from the day before, hop on a bike or horse and see the amazing surroundings from a different perspective.

  • 2. Picnic Shelters and Playgrounds

    These provide respite for eating, playing and generally just taking a rest from exploring for a while. You will find it hard to stop for long with so many amazing sights to see but when you do there are great facilities which include a free-roam area for dogs.

  • 3. Silver Falls Lodge and Conference Center

    The center acts as the park's hub and is great if you want a break from cooking. You can also pick up to-go food which is ideal to take in your backpack on long hikes. Get local info and tips here before setting off.

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