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Knott's Berry Farm
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A Day at Knott's Berry Farm Makes for Unlimited Family Fun

Knott’s Berry Farm makes for the perfect day out for families with kids – ride the theme park’s old-fashioned steam train, stroll the boardwalk, choose from over 50 dining options, and enjoy its exhilarating rides. Staying in a vacation rental near Knott’s Berry Farm gives you easy access to the park along with the comforts of home.

What to See and Do at Knott's Berry Farm

Find Your Way to a Good Time
Begin your day at the back right corner of Knott’s Berry Farm to enjoy thrilling rides such as Boomerang, Extreme Scream, and Coast Rider.
Fuel up between Rides
Don’t leave the park without sampling the gargantuan cinnamon rolls and Knott’s famous fried chicken.
Begin with the Water Rides
Check out the water rides such as Timber Mountain Log early on hot days so your clothes can dry off more quickly in the sun.

Planning Your Trip to Knott's Berry Farm

Save Money
Buy tickets online in advance for considerable discounts and to avoid long queues at the ticket counter.
Beat the Crowd
If you don’t mind shorter opening hours, mid-week is the best time to enjoy the park’s rides without much queuing. There are also special days when the park stays open late so that you can enjoy the most popular rides without the crowds, which is an hour or two before closing time.
Ditch the Queues
Get a Fast Lane wristband if you’re interested in the park’s bigger and extreme rides. You can access shortcuts to rides without queuing and reunite with the rest of the group after the ride, within minutes. Plus, if you have a small child who can’t accompany you on a ride, the wristband will let you pass the line while your partner waits with your child to take the ride when you’re finished, all without any queuing.

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