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Tenkiller State Park Cabins

Tenkiller State Park

Visit Tenkiller State Park: Oklahoma's "Heaven in the Hills"

Located on the shore of the 13,000-acre Lake Tenkiller, the state park which shares the lake's name is rightly known as "Heaven in the Hills." The stunning scenery in this area of Oklahoma, coupled with the plentiful outdoor activities on offer, make Tenkiller State Park cabins a great option for a vacation.
Best Hiking Routes in Tenkiller State Park

Best Hiking Routes in Tenkiller State Park

A vacation with Tenkiller State Park hotels isn't just about the lake. The park is home to 130 miles of shoreline, and lots of great hiking trails which allow visitors of all ages to experience the Oklahoma countryside for themselves.

  • 1. Nature Center Trail

    This moderate1.5-mile trail runs from the nature center of the park to Tenkiller State Park cabins. The path can be quite rocky underfoot in parts.

  • 2. Tenkiller Multi-Use Trail

    This flat, paved route is suitable for bikes and is also wheelchair accessible. It takes in many of the park's most popular attractions, including the lakeshore area and the nature center, and is ideal for families with very young children.

  • 3. Gum Springs Trail

    Serious hikers only on the Gum Springs Trail! This steep and challenging two-mile route take you to the top of several bluffs in the park, where you can enjoy panoramic views over Tenkiller Lake.

Best Family Activities in Tenkiller State Park

Best Family Activities in Tenkiller State Park

Enjoy a family vacation in Tenkiller State Park hotels, and make the most of all the amenities on offer in this part of Oklahoma, as well as a variety of attractions in the park.

  • 1. Tenkiller Lake

    The lake itself is one of Tenkiller State Park's biggest attractions. Kids of all ages will enjoy paddling and swimming in the water, while you can also rent pontoon boats or even ski boats if you want to give water-skiing a try at the nearby marina.

  • 2. Driftwood Nature Center

    The Tenkiller State Park nature center, where many of the hiking trails begin, is also a great place to start your visit. Learn about the park's history; find out what wildlife you might expect to see; and meet some of their live exhibits which are used to teach young visitors about ecology and conservation. The nature center hosts activity programs throughout the summer for kids of all ages.

  • 3. Fishing

    A great initiative at Tenkiller State Park allows children under the age of 16 to have a go at fishing without the need to apply for a licence. First timers can even rent equipment if needed.

  • 4. Swimming Pool

    If swimming in Tenkiller Lake isn't to your taste, you can always cool off in the swimming pool located near Tenkiller State Park cabins, which has its own high diving board.

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