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Osage Hills State Park Cabins

Osage Hills State Park

Escape to Nature in Osage Hills State Park

Located in Oklahoma's Osage County, Osage State Park was originally created by the Civilian Conservation Corps and is littered with historic parkitecture from 1930 to 1940. You can go hiking on the park's lush wooded terrain and take your family to see the wildlife preserve and local museum. Osage Hills State Park hotels are ideal for a comfortable stay in nature.
Best Hiking Trails in Osage Hills State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Osage Hills State Park

This rural state park in northern Oklahoma is perfect for hiking and biking. Visitors of all ages can enjoy several hikes across the park, and Osage Hill State Park cabins put you right on the trails. You can also stay right where the CCC stayed with Osage Hills State Park cabins to enjoy a stay in historic surroundings.

  • 1. Creek Loop Trail

    Explore the southern area of Osage Hill State Park. Walk through the woods, visit the bluffs and enjoy the awe-inspiring view from the Sand Creek lookout.

  • 2. Lake Trail

    This trial offers exploration of the northern end of the park. There is a wonderful Civilian Conservation Corps campground and a lake to enjoy.

  • 3. Overlook Trail

    Lookout Tower is at the end of the trail and there is no better finish line after an afternoon hike. This is not a looped trail, but the walk back is still very pretty.

Best Family Activities in Osage Hills State Park

Best Family Activities in Osage Hills State Park

Osage Hills State Park is close to the town of Bartlesville which is a great place to take the kids. Several museums in town showcase the history of the area, while there's also places to relax and fish.

  • 1. Philips Petroleum Museum

    This museum is close to the state park and offers exhibits about the Phillips petroleum company. Exhibits showcase Oklahoma's pioneering attitude, its role as an energy provider and many other exhibits. If your kids have an interest in engineering, then this is perfect.

  • 2. Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve

    Visit this wildlife preserve which spans over 3,700 acres and boasts over 20 different species of wildlife. Be awed by the American bison, and be intrigued by the wild elk.

  • 3. Lookout Lake Fishing

    State parks and fishing can be birds of a feather and this is never truer than in Osage Hills State Park. You can catch catfish, trout, and perch at Lookout Lake. The Sand Creek Lake is also a short walk away.

  • 4. Camping in Osage Hills State Park

    What kid doesn't like to camp beneath the stars? This campsite offers 23 tent sites and 20 RV spaces. There are also two Osage Hills State Park cabins that have central heating, a fireplace, and kitchen facilities. There is even a picnic area to enjoy.

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