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Greenleaf State Park Cabins

Greenleaf State Park

The Best of Oklahoma in Greenleaf State Park

Visit one of Oklahoma's seven original parks. First created in 1939, and includes facilities such as campsites, cabins, hiking trails, and family-friendly recreation. Located on the shores of Greenleaf Creek, fishing and swimming are also popular here. Explore this natural slice of Oklahoma from the comfort of nearby Greenleaf State Park hotels
Best Hiking Trails in Greenleaf State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Greenleaf State Park

Hike in Greenleaf State Park and explore Oklahoma's natural charms. Hike around the lake or take on more challenging routes for views over the park. Greenleaf State Park cabins make the perfect base in this 930-acre park.

  • 1. Family Fun Trail

    This casual trail is good for both children and adults. The trail is about 1.5 miles in length and takes up to two hours to complete. There is an excellent view of the lake which is particularly pleasant at dusk.

  • 2. Deer Run Trail

    Start in the Deer Run Campground and walk this quiet trail, admiring the beautiful wildflowers that bloom along the way. Pets are allowed and must be kept on a leash.

  • 3. Ankle Express Trail

    This is a more strenuous trail for more experienced hikers. It goes for 18 miles and is split into a northern and southern trail. The south loop is shorter and offers more rocky terrain for those who want to test themselves. It's closed during hunting season.

Best Family Activities in Greenleaf State Park

Best Family Activities in Greenleaf State Park

A state park is the perfect reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city, and Greenleaf State Park with its access to the Webbers Falls Reservoir and green spaces is perfect. You can swim, fish, or discover the park in an eye-opening tour and then relax in Greenleaf State Park cabins.

  • 1. Greenleaf State Park Walking Tour

    This walking tour shows off the park's historic structures. On the tour you can take in the Lakeview Area and the Gobbler Ridge Campground.

  • 2. Fishing

    You and your kids can fish for some interesting specimens from the shores of Greenleaf Creek. You can catch Largemouth bass, catfish, and many others. There's even a kiddies fishing pool for those under 16. Once you've hooked a few you can cook them up yourself on a nearby grill.

  • 3. Activities On The Lake

    Days on the lake are ideal for families in Greenleaf State Park, but keep in mind there are now lifeguards on duty. There is also a swimming pool on-site, but if that one is closed then head to Tenkiller State Park to enjoy their swimming facilities. Further family activities include a mini golf course, discovery center, and playgrounds so the whole family will be entertained for the duration of their vacation.

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