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Otterbein University is a private school which was founded in 1847. Primarily a liberal arts college, it offers 56 majors and 41 minors. The university’s Department of Theater and Dance is highly regarded. It also has a strong reputation for physics, philosophy, environmental studies and ecology. The college's graduate programs include business administration, nursing, education and science.

Useful information for your visit to Otterbein University

The 140-acre campus of Otterbein University is located in Westerville, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. If you are visiting or a freshman student, accommodations near Otterbein University in Westerville are a practical option. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your stay.

  • 1. Getting into Westerville

    Westerville is accessible by air and land. The nearest airport is John Glenn Columbus International Airport which is just 15 minutes from Westerville. Greyhound bus lines also serve Columbus and from there, take you can a taxi or use the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) buses to reach the campus.

  • 2. What to see in Westerville

    Cheryl’s Cookies has its base in Westerville and is a popular local destination. If you are a bookworm, head to the Westerville Public Library and browse through its extensive collection. The library also hosts the Anti-Saloon League Museum and has an exhibition of artifacts and printed material.

  • 3. Where to go for outdoor Activities

    For outdoor activities, the Columbus and Franklin Country Metropolitan Park District has three parks: Sharon Woods, Blendon Woods and Inniswood Botanical Garden. Walk, hike, run or stroll along beautiful trails or simply relish the beauty of gardens. It’s also possible to cycle along the Ohio to Erie trail a part of which runs through Westerville. The endpoints of the trail are at the Ohio River in Cincinnati and Lake Erie in Cleveland.

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