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Hueston Woods State Park Cabins

Hueston Woods State Park

Discover the Great Outdoors in Hueston Woods State Park

Hueston Woods State Park provides vacationers with 2,936 acres to explore, plus a variety of recreational activities suitable for everyone. Located in southwest Ohio, the park dates back to 1941, although the rich history of the area goes back much further. Discover the park's diverse ecology and captivating history from Hueston Woods State Park cabins on your next vacation.
Best Hiking Trails in Hueston Woods State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Hueston Woods State Park

Boasting 10 miles of dedicated trails, Hueston Woods State Park spoils visitors. Taking in waterfalls, lakes, and forests, trails suitable for people of all ages and abilities await. Set out at your own pace from Hueston Woods State Park cabins and explore everything the area has to offer.

  • 1. Mud Lick Trail

    This easy 1.3-mile loop trail is suitable for all ages and levels of experience. Offering good views of Acton Lake as you journey into the forest, this route is popular with trail runners and also provides access to a disc golf course.

  • 2. Cedar Falls Hiking Trail

    A 0.6-mile trail rated as moderately difficult due to its 100-foot elevation, this route provides excellent views of the lake. Excellent for birding and wildlife watching, the trail includes signs along the route to help you identify the area's tree species.

  • 3. Acton Lake Loop

    Following a 10.9-mile circuit of the lake, this more difficult trail includes elevations reaching 879 feet. It's the perfect route for experienced hikers who want to see the entire lake and surrounding forests. This route is also popular among trail runners and backpackers.

The Best Family Activities in Hueston Woods State Park

The Best Family Activities in Hueston Woods State Park

Families visiting Hueston Woods State Park will find a broad range of exciting activities and events held throughout the year. From educational programs designed to teach people of all ages about the area's history and ecology to lazy days on the beach, Hueston Woods State Park hotels allow you and your family to enjoy it all.

  • 1. Swimming

    With 1,500 feet of beach waiting on the west shore of Acton Lake, swimming and sunbathing are always a hit in summer. A bathhouse and concession stand are also open so that you can stay refreshed on even the hottest days.

  • 2. Nature programs

    The Nature Center at Hueston Woods State Park offers educational hikes, workshops, and movie showings that detail the area's natural history and ecology. Live animal displays are also a popular draw for visitors.

  • 3. Paintballing

    A large paintball field and practice range are open to visitors looking for something a little more exciting. Equipment is available for rent, or you can bring your own.

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