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Hocking Hills State Park Cabins

Hocking Hills State Park

Enjoy the Great Outdoors at Hocking Hills State Park

Reserve one of the many cabins near Hocking Hills State Park to get closer to nature in this beautiful part of central Ohio. Known for its steep gorges, spectacular waterfalls, and vast natural caves, this state park is the ideal destination for travelers with a sense of adventure. Rental options nearby consist of rustic cabins or large family homes with pools, while Hocking Hills State Park hotels offer their own sense of comfort and ease.
Best Hiking Trails in Hocking Hills State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Hocking Hills State Park

The only way to experience the most spectacular sights in Hocking Hills State Park is to get out there on your own two feet and start exploring! Luckily, there are several marked hiking trails to keep you on the right path.

  • 1. Old Man's Cave

    The most popular trail in the park, this route takes you to the cave for which it is named, carved out by the flow of the Hocking River. So named for a hermit who lived in the cave in the 19th century, now you'll be treated to waterfalls and impressive views.

  • 2. Ash Cave

    The huge Ash Cave dwarfs all the other caverns in Hocking Hills State Park, and is only made more impressive by the waterfall which tumbles over its edge. This cave was named for the piles of ashes found buried in the soil, believed to signify the presence of prehistoric settlers.

  • 3. Rock House

    If you enjoy exploring caves, take the trail to the Rock House, an unusual tunnel carved out of the cliff.

  • 4. Rim Trail

    This trail follows the rim of the gorge, letting you enjoy impressive, panoramic views.

Best Family Activities in Hocking Hills State Park

Best Family Activities in Hocking Hills State Park

Kids will love exploring park's caves and cliffs, but there are plenty of other activities. Luckily, Hocking Hills State Park hotels let you make the most of your visit to rural Ohio.

  • 1. Horseback riding

    See the park at a leisurely pace by taking a horseback ride through the grounds and surrounding countryside.

  • 2. Canopy tour

    Kids with a sense of adventure will jump at the chance to take a zipline across the top of the tree canopy, for a bird's eye view of the park. There are several companies offering such activities in the local area.

  • 3. Archery

    Play at being Robin Hood on the archery range, located close to the the Hocking Hills State Park cabins and campground. You can hire all the equipment you need on site.

  • 4. Fishing

    Fishing is permitted on Rose Lake, within the park itself, although it requires a licence. Try your hand at catching your dinner, if you've got the necessary qualifications!