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Accommodations near Campbell University

Campbell University

Planning a tour around Campbell University

Campbell University is a private university in Buies Creek, North Carolina. It offers a wide range of courses in business, arts, law and sciences. Buies Creek is a small village, whose economy is largely driven by the University.

Useful information for your visit to Campbell University

Useful information for your visit to Campbell University

Accommodations near Campbell University is easy to find, though it is recommended to book early. The nearest airport is the Harnett Regional Jetport. Though small in size, Buies Creek offers a lot to see.

  • Hike along the Cape Fear River

    The Cape Fear river offers long walking trails with options for biking and cycling as well. There are large grassy meadows in between offering options for a wonderful picnic. Experiencing the river through kayaking, paddle boating, or rafting is a great option as well.

  • Visit the Raven Rock State Park

    The Raven Rock State Park is 15 miles west of Buies Creek. It offers brilliant walks with panoramic sceneries, the most popular being the Raven Rock Loop. You can also try camping, horse riding, and fishing in the park.

  • Visit rescued animals at Animal

    The Animal has a small but admirable community of animals, mostly rescued and rehabilitated. It makes for a great day trip with the little ones. The monkey and sloth tours along with the farm animals are noteworthy experiences.

  • Learn falconry at hawk manor

    The Hawk manor is a must see at Buies Creek. Here, you get to understand the art of falconry from true professionals, who not only inform you about these fascinating birds but also train you in the art of taming and controlling falcons.

  • Visit the William Lee Museum

    The William Lee Museum is a gem of a collection of military history and is dedicated to William Lee, the founder of the US paratrooper forces. The museum houses engaging stories and displays about World War II in particular.

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