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Allegany State Park Cabins

Allegany State Park

Find Allegany State Park Cabins and Begin Your Tour of New York's Finest Nature

Allegany State Park is located in Cattaraugus County, not far from the Allegany National Forest just across the border in Pennsylvania. With hotels or cabins in Allegany State Park, you can reach the best hiking trails and enjoy the park's other popular amenities and activities, like fishing and even snowmobiling.
Best Hiking Trails in Allegany State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Allegany State Park

Allegany State Park has wide variety of trails for hikers of varying ability, some of the best are listed below.

  • 1. Bear Springs Trail

    Just under half a mile long, this is one of the area's easiest trails and is great for a quick introduction to hiking in the area. You will be able to take in the views of the great Mount Onondaga.

  • 2. Red Jacket Trail

    Taking you to Red House Lake, this easy half-mile trail is close to the park's visitor center which is great for stopping in to get advice from the rangers or to just learn more about the park.

  • 3. Ridgerun Trail

    This slightly more challenging path is five miles long and will let you see more of the park. It's also a particularly good mountain biking trail.

  • 4. North Country Trail

    At 18 miles long, this is Allegany's longest and most difficult trail. If you are an intrepid adventurer looking to get the most out of the region, this is an excellent choice. You can also choose to divert to the Finger Lakes Trail from here, taking you to Balsam Lake Mountain with superb views from the fire tower.

Best Family Activities in Allegany State Park

Best Family Activities in Allegany State Park

Being out in the great outdoors is even more satisfying when you are sharing it with family and there's a lot for both active and more relaxed groups to enjoy in the park.

  • 1. Fishing

    Every spring, the lakes of Red House and Quaker, as well as the smaller Science Lake, are stocked with trout. There are also a number of stocked and wild trout streams throughout the park.

  • 2. Snowmobiling

    What better way to make the most of the park in the winter months? When hunting season ends, around December, the snowmobiling starts and you can see more of the area in one of the most exciting ways possible.

  • 3. Tennis and Basketball

    In the Red House area there are tennis and basketball courts with a backdrop of gorgeous forests and mountains. This is a great way to keep active and break up days spent hiking or relaxing in the park.

  • 4. Swimming

    Situated just off the Allegany River, in one of the park's more scenic spots, Quaker Lake is the best place to go swimming when staying at Allegany State Park Hotels.

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